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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boots No.7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes

It's not that often that I buy face specific wipes. I usually buy baby wipes in bulk. I really only use wipes to clean up after swatches and to remove the bulk of my makeup before I use an eye makeup remover and then cleanse my face, so all the 'skincare' ingredients in specialty face wipes aren't really a necessity for me. Buut, when I was browsing my newly expanded Shopper's Drug Mart, my eye spotted the Boots No.7 (or just No. 7 in North America) display. I didn't know exactly what I wanted ( I hadn't done my research yet!) so I opted to get a package of their Quick Thinking Wipes. It didn't hurt that they might have been on sale...

One thing that ends up being a deal breaker for me are when wipes are insufficiently packaged. You've been there. Today they're fresh and moist and tomorrow they might as well be crackers. Luckily, these wipes come in a double sealed packet. They have an inner sticker seal, backed up by a snap top. I'm just over half way through my package and they are still fresh and nicely damp.

These wipes claim to be able to "Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and remove eye makeup" and, while I didn't think they'd be able to deliver on all fronts they almost do. I have used these on one occasion as my sole cleansing option - it was a 'ohmigard-i-will-serisously-die-if-i-don't-sleep-now' kind of night. I used two wipes and was able to feel 90% squeaky clean, which is amazing for a wipe. They never get to 100% in my book. I found these wipes were excellent at removing foundation and almost all traces of face makeup. They were strong enough to dissolve eye makeup, but they just don't cut the mustard when it came to mascara. They got a bit off, but I ended up using a splash of Bioderma to finish the job. The next morning when I set off to make up for bypassing my usual routine, I surveyed my face and you know what? It looked fine (no breakout, no oiliness) and it felt quite soft and smooth.

Overall, these are fantastic wipes. I can't recommend them as your main skincare staple, but to remove makeup before cleansing, and for those 'ohmigard-i-will-serisously-die-if-i-don't-sleep-now' nights (we all have them, don't judge) they're perfect. Have you tried these wipes? Do you have a go to wipe?

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