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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

I set out to write this post in the same manner I do every post, but, you know what happened? I seem to have run out of storage. I've heard it could happen, but after almost three years of posting HUGE photos, I just assumed that that was urban blogger legend. Not so... So, for now I'll be hosting my photos on Photobucket. I'm just not sure if I want to pay Google for more storage. Ugh. Anyhow, let's put that unsettling moment behind us and try to focus on the present. The salty, sweet, popcorn scented present that is Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub.

"Mmm! A simply scrumptious sugar and salt lip scrub for the holidays. We haven't been able to keep our hands off this one. Lips can get particularly dry and flakey in winter weather, so it's especially important to exfoliate. Use this one and keep your lips sweet, smooth and tasty all season long. The sweet and slightly salty popcorn flavor will make you want to lick this scrub right off your lips; but that's okay, we do it too!"- Lush

I won't deny that I love Lush's lip scrubs. I've been using Sweet Lips regularly for some time now, so when I heard that a popcorn version was part of this years' batch of Lush Holiday offerings, I got very excited.

Like all Lush products, Popcorn is adorned with a label indicating both the expiry date and the Lush employee who made it. I love that! A)it gives hoarders collector types like myself a good kick in the bottom to finish things off before they go south and B) it's such a personal touch to see that a real human made the product and not a soap loving robot. Actually, it would be interesting to see... Back on track though.

Popcorn has a sweet and salty smell that is almost like caramel corn. I found the taste to be a pleasant combo of salty-sweet, but you can't taste any of the caramel like notes found in the scent. The texture of this scrub is a little less abrasive than my usual Sweet Lips, I'm thinking it might be the cornmeal that gives Popcorn a softer texture, but it is none the less effective. A little dab of this rubbed across your kisser results in soft, smooth lips ready for action. And by action, I mean a bold, daring lip colour. I find a good lip scrub and essential step when you want to rock a bold lip hue. A bright, cheery holiday red does not look hot if you've paired it with dry, flaking lips.

Overall, I highly approve! Get to Lush now and pick up a pot of Popcorn while you still can- it's only around for the holidays people! Have you tried Popcorn? What did you think?

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