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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri- Petal Pusher

Sometimes, I see a polish, and instantly know I HAVE TO HAVE IT. It stays on my mind until it ends up on my nails. Petal Pusher was one of those polishes. I know, it doesn't look like anything all that special, but the polish loving heart wants what it wants.

While I am a fan of Sally Hansen nail polishes, I had never used any from the Insta-Dri range. I had heard that the formula was meant to be opaque in one (or two) coats to make the whole polishing process quicker, and obviously, the formula was supposed to be quick drying too.

Er.... back to the drawing board, maybe? I had reservations about the formula just based on the shade, milky pink type shades are notoriously problematic, and sadly this one is too. The polish is thin, what you see above is four coats, and the first couple coats were a bit patchy. Luckily though, the formula didn't streak (well, the first coat did...) and I was able to get an opaque, even finish.

Petal Pusher is a pale peach kissed pink. It is such a clean, girly shade that looks quite pretty and fresh on. It is apparently a dupe of Dior's Charnelle, but I can't compare, as I don't have it.

I like to wear pale shades in the winter and I know I'll be wearing this one quite frequently, given I allow myself a bit of extra time for application. What do you think of this polish? Are there any problematic polishes that you love- and use regardless of the their flaws?

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