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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's in my Travel Bag... Makeup

Since I shared my skin care travel necessities, it only makes sense that I follow up with my makeup bag. I'll be spending the bulk of the week cozy at home, so I didn't really even need a makeup bag, but I find it's often a nice waste of time and a pick me up to play with a bit of makeup even if only to amuse one's self, so I packed a few of the items of I've been loving lately and would actually use....Maybe.

Unrelated (sort of...) but I've started linking products to their perspective sites to make it easier if you'd like more info or would like to purchase something. If I can find it online, the link will be under the photos. Hopefully things a little easier for everyone! P.s it's rainbow too (when you hover)!  

Roots Cosmetic Bag

Before I get to the contents, I have to talk about the bag. I have waaay more bags than one gal really needs, but I love them. When I saw this gray and purple Roots gem, I knew it had to be mine. I will be available soon from Avon for $14.99. It has a fold over flap that snaps down, over the main compartment, that zips closed. The flap as a zippered pocket that's large enough to fit makeup brushes (no squishing!), making this bag even more perfect for travel.

I've been using the Maybelline BB Cream for a few weeks now (review soon) and I'm not hating it, but it does leave a bit to be desired. I find that I like to add a few drops of the Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation into it to give it some more 'oomph'. The Maybelline Concealing Treatment is another item I've been testing out (also review to come soon) and I'm really enjoying it. I had been overlooking the product, but when I found out there was a brightener, I had to try it. As for the Revlon Concealer, I'm trying to finish it up, but I haven't had much in the way of facial blemishes to cover, and the NYX was thrown in just in case... it works well for both face and under eye. The Smashbox Sheer Focus sample is something I've had rattling around for a while but always overlook. Maybe I'll finally get around to trying it?

For eyes, I've been all about simple, brightening shades lately. Cream shadows have been in heavy rotation, especially Quartz Smashbox cream shadow, because of it's lightly rosy golden glow. Pari's eyeshadow is especially smooth and a really great formula, I'm surprised it doesn't get more love in the blogosphere. The shade #35 is a peachy gold shade, which is quite nice with a bit of smudged brown liner.

I've used the same few eye pencils for weeks, so I knew instantly what had to be packed: UD Sin pencil is a must have. I love the powder version too, but the pencil is just so much easier to smudge on and throw in a bag for on the go, and it doesn't budge once set. At all. The Avon liners... well, I'm O-B-S-E-S- S-E-D with Golden Fawn, but the Shimmering Brown gets a lot of use as well, they're just so creamy and stay on until you take them off no questions asked. The mark. sharpener; for anyone who has struggled to sharpen a jumbo pencil, is fab. It's plenty sharp to get through even the softest pencil, and you get the jumbo and normal sized sharpener in one for like $3. I will buy these until they stop making them.

Still working my way through Lillium, but I had to bring Angel as I love it too. Perfect Topping has been my go to highlighter lately, as it's neutral fleshy-toned pink is natural and a perfect pairing for any blush shade.

Lips... nothing too exciting here. I've been using Peach Parfait a lot lately, as it's just so easy to throw on and looks so great, but I had to bring a few options 'just in case'. Also, I love my Lush lip scrubs, and I'll be reviewing Popcorn soon, so it came along as well.

faux ($0.99 eBay) Beauty Blender, Glass Cleaning Cloth, MAC Studio Careblend Pressed, Make Up Forever Mist & Fix, Benefit the Pore Fessional Primer, world's greatest lash curler (from Avon)

I didn't think I'd have enough room for a foundation brush (turns out I did) nor did I think I really needed one, but I threw in my totally faux Beauty Blender type sponge. I haven't been using powder lately, but again, just in case, I tossed in my Studio Careblend and Mist & Fix for good measure. As for my lash curler... I love this little thing so much! I think every other curler I've had has been pinchy, but this one, not only curls amazingly, it's pinch free. I bought four backups after I realized how great it is (I've already broken one... they are just plastic on plastic after all) and am ordering six more because it seems like they are already being discontinued.

Brush basics: eye brushes for cream and powder shadows, blending brush... which I really didn't need as I only brought one powder shadow, but oh well. Liner brush to smudge liner. Blush brush for blush (woah, really?) and powder, if need be. I wasn't initially going to pack my beloved fan brush, the best way to apply highlight, but I had room, so along it came.

It didn't seem like I packed that much when I was doing it, but now it seems like a fair amount for only a week of at home cozy-ing. Do you have issues deciding what to pack when facing time away from your stash? What are your must have items?

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