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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection- Holiday 2012

This afternoon I set out to swatch the amzingness that is Zoya's Ornate Collection. Seriously, there are some pretty great scattered holos, some foils and even a glitter top coat... anyway, I swatched my heart out and then went about my day. I just sat down to organize and edit my photos to see that while I swatched six polishes, I only photographed five. Yes, I swatched one, admired it, and then took it off. Do you see the step that I skipped?

Maybe it's finally happened... the polish fumes have gotten to the essential brain cells and are wreaking havoc? Possibly, but it's worth it for these! Let's take a look...

Ziv is a gold foil that has slight bits of warm golden flake, giving the overall look a bit of dimension. Lately, I've been all about gold polishes, and this one is no exception. The formula is a bit thin, but not problematic. Two thin coats gave perfect opacity.

Logan is a deep green foil like polish packed with blue-green and golden duo chrome shimmer. The shimmer really gives this shade a 'lit-from-within' glow that is especially appropriate for the holidays, and a nice change from your standard glitter. This shade has an excellent formula- this close to being a one coater. I've used two thin coats.

Aurora is a plummy purple shade packed with holographic shimmer. I love how strong the holo effect shines through and that two coats was all that I needed for full opacity.

Blaze is a berry toned red packed with holographic shimmer that mainly flares shades of red, pink, purple and gold. Again, the holo effect is quite strong, making this a really gorgeous polish. Again (again) the formula is superb: two thin coats for opacity.

Storm is a black polish packed with holographic shimmer that flares every shade of the rainbow. While just as fabulous as the other holo polishes in this collection, the formula was a little bit thinner. I've used two thick coats.

Electra has a clear base jam packed with silver holographic bar glitter (or hairy glitter as I like to call it.) The ratio of clear polish to glitter is quite amazing with this, you can easily get a full nail of glitter in one coat without much fuss application wise. I've shown it over white and black, but it is so packed with glitter, you could probably reach full opacity in three coats. This was the one polish in this collection that I wasn't very excited about, as I don't care for bar glitter, but it is an excellent polish if you happen to like it. 

Overall, a great collection. I like that the colours all speak to what you'd expect of a holiday collection, yet they aren't so typically average that they become uninteresting. There is definitely something for everyone. Which shade(s) do you like? 

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