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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wishes 2012

I think my Holiday Meter must be low, because it still does not feel like holidays to me. At all. Maybe it's the lack of snow, but with 20 days until the day, I just don't feel festive at all.

The only thing I feel I can get behind this season, is a little shopping- seriously, when can one not get behind a bit of shopping? Thing is, my clan isn't exactly doing gifts this year. There are only a few of us, and we're spread all about, so by the time we shop, package and ship things, it ends up being a waste of money. We decided to just gift ourselves a little something and save all the hassle. Thing is, since my Dad and Nan passed away last year, we just don't feel the warm fuzzies around this time. One day we will again, and it will be great, I'm sure. It just isn't quite right yet.

But, that's enough Debbie Downer. I love a good wish list, and wishing is a pretty important component of the holidays, really, so I compiled a few of the top items I'd love to see... Well there is no tree, so just plop them wherever you'd like!

I am a massive fan of anything almond scented, and I've heard this moisturizer (1) definitely delivers. On the lowest end of the budget: a little something I totally don't need, but I've yet to try any Jack Black (2) products, and what could be bad about Black Tea & Blackberry? Chocolate themed eyeshadows (3)? What is there to second guess, into the sleigh elfy boy! You know I love a good brightener (4) and have yet to meet a facial mist (5) I didn't like, so these were obvious choices. In the 'only if someone gifts it' category a fine fig perfume. Fig (6) is a new love of mine, and this scent sounds quite divine. Last but not least, one of the items that will likely come home to me sooner than later, a gorgeous little palette (8) from Smashbox.

1. Typography Sketchbooks by Steven Heller and Lita Talagrio (Hardcover, 2011 ed.) $39 (CAD), 2. Doc Martens 3989 Wingtip $100, 3. Fossil Austin Large Flap- Claret Red, $198, 4. PB Teen Rainbow Dot Sheet Set $138 (CAD), 5. Derek Cardigan 7019 Dark Timber Frames $89, 6. Fossil Key-Per Key Coin - Bright Multi $ 25, 7. Apple iMac- 27 inch 209 GHz $1800 (CAD)

Don't be alarmed, but, most beauty bloggers have interests outside of beauty.  Most, not all though. I have a 'thing' for words in general, but especially typography. While there is a 2012 edition out, it's the 2011(1) I'd love to own. It's a gorgeous book. I've wanted a pair of new Doc Martens (2), and while the floral print ones are very tempting, I've wanted a pair of spectators for so long. They're so cute! All I seem to have on my mind the past few days are new glasses, and these Derek Cardigan Grammar Collection (5) frames are almost too perfect: they have a colon (:) and semi colon (;) on the temples and are the perfect size/shape. I looove a good tortoise! Fossil makes some great leather bags, and this particular shade of red (3) is quite stunning, but it doesn't have the key hole detail. I need the coin purse (6) to make it a perfect set. The duvet on my bed is grey, and while I love it, I like to have a pop of colour when I fling back the covers. The rainbow dots on this set from PB Teen (4) are reminiscent of paint daubs. So happy looking! What's Christmas without a bit of tech? I've been trying to save up for a new computer (a loosing battle, I'd say) and this gorgeous fellow is the one I'm eying.

Do you know what you'd like Santa to bring you this year? Do tell!

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