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Monday, December 3, 2012

Polish Days December: Bling

Polish Days are here again! Polish Days is a project started by Polly Polish that brings bloggers together by participating in a themed mani day each month. I've wanted to participate for some time now, but I was never organized enough to get my *coughs* S...ugar together on time.

This month's theme is a theme, I think, everyone can thoroughly enjoy: Bling! From subtle to full on blinding, everyone can appreciate a little sparkle every now and then.

Misa Breakaway and China Glaze Glitter all the Way

My Bling nails have a little bit of everything: glitter, shimmer and gems. This were inspired by a photo I saved to my computer a very long time ago (waaay before Pinterest) Were I found it, I can't remember, but it linked back to a Tumblr page and I was never able to find the original source. I hate that about Tumblr, it's great to be able to share ideas/images, but include the source please.

Anyhow, the original look was created around a deep green shade, but I was already wearing Misa Breakaway,  and China Glaze Glitter all the Way happens to have purple bits in it, so I figured I'd change it up and go for a purple based look. I used two coats of Breakaway, two coats of Glitter all the Way, a few clear gems, and a coat of Seche Vite. Simple! I have to say it looks way better in person than in photos, but my hand was not being very photogenic today.

There's still time to participate in this month, just be sure to add your link to the linky widget!
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