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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Polish Inventory: NYX Girls Nail Polish

You don't really see a lot of NYX Girls polishes on the blogosphere anymore. Actually, you don't see much NYX period, but still, they do have some pretty great polishes. I tend to buy all of my NYX from Beauty Joint, as they have pretty much every product and at a lower price than anywhere else. I am in no way affiliated with them, they just happen to be my favourite NYX source.

NYX has three nail polish lines: Mattes, Salon and Girls. I don't see the Girls collection on their official website anymore, so it is a possibility that the Salon range has replaced it, but I also haven't heard anything about the Girls range being on it's way out, but who knows. The Salon polishes are housed in bottles strikingly similar to those of Deborah Lippman polishes, but as Beauty Joint doesn't carry them, I've yet to try any and no local drugstores carry NYX here.

Anyway, NYX Girls polishes are pretty great, especially at their $3 (give or take) price range. I mainly started off with their glitters, because it's such an inexpensive way to try shades you may only wear a few times, but there is no lack of quality and they do have some beautiful shades. I always manage to find a couple more to add to my stash...

NYX Girls Nail Polish in Dreamy Glitter, Dynamic Glitter, Golden Lavender, and Lapis

NYX Girls Nail Polish Mushroom Glitter, Buzz Worthy, Carnival, and Frizzy Spots

My top picks are Buzz Worthy- a soft gold shimmer, Golden Lavender- a mid toned bright lilac with subtle golden shimmer and Lapis- a slightly dusty periwinkle blue. See the later two polishes watched here. Do you have a favourite NYX Girls polish?

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