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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation

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I've had a soft spot for Yves Rocher for... well, almost as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of hanging about the bathroom while my mom warmed up her bottle of gardenia oil. Back in the day, it was mixed with coconut oil that hardened at room temperature. She'd fill the sink with hot water and leave it to melt. I'd keep an eye on it and alert her when it was ready to go. If you've ever experienced gardenia oil, you'll know it has an incredible scent. Yves Rocher happens to be one of the only companies (that I know) that produce gardenia oil, thus my aforementioned soft spot.

Yves Rocher also happens to make some quality cosmetics. I've noticed that they don't get a lot of love on the blogosphere, but from what I've tried, they deserve a bit more credit. Let's take a peek at their Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation, shall we?

'A supple, fluid texture that’s easy to apply and won’t settle in lines, bleed or leave traces on your clothes. And, it guarantees flawless 14-hour wear. Impeccable coverage, with no unpleasant mask effect, for a flawless complexion from morning to night. A silky, semi-matte finish for a fresh, perfect complexion, with no need for touch-ups throughout the day.'

I haven't had a lot of success with long wearing foundations in the past, but I had high hopes for this formula as I read somewhere (on a blog, I'm sure) that they (the blogger) had tested this in store while on vacation and loved the formula. That was all it took for me to toss it in the cart, oh, and it might have been 45% off. That's something worth knowing, never and I mean never pay full price for any YR items. They'll end up going on sale two days later and make you feel pathetic. True story.

Back on track though, this foundation is housed in a medium weight, glass bottle with a pump. I like pumps, but this one is a bit off in the fact that it doesn't lock into place and does not have a lid, making this one foundation that won't be traveling anywhere. The pump dispenses the perfect amount at a time, I might add. I usually use three pumps: one for each side of my face, and the last for any spots that need a touch more coverage.

While in that area, I might as well mention coverage now. Other long-wear formulas I've used have been heavy and on the higher end of coverage, but this foundation is lighter in both coverage and texture. The foundation is a medium weight liquid: it's not so thin that it's runny, but it isn't a thick cream like liquid either. On the skin, this feels very light and offers a range of coverage. One layer has light coverage, while two layers gives medium coverage. The finish is so natural I'm sure you could add a third layer if you really needed it, but I haven't done more than two. For the most part, one layer is all I need, but I do add a second along my lower chin area where I have a bit of discoloration/acne scaring.

The formula wears quite well once on, although I haven't worn it for the full 14 hours, so who knows if it lives up to that. I did find that this made my skin feel a bit dry half way through the day, which could be attributed to the long wear formula. Nothing a spritz of facial spray couldn't handle, but worth mentioning. A bit dry feeling, but still looking decent by the end of the day. I say decent, as I don't think any foundation can look perfect all day, but this didn't look worse for wear, I'm sure we've all had moments where we were feeling great after a long day/night only to catch our reflection and see that our foundation did not fare very well. It didn't look patchy and wasn't clumped into my pores by days end either. All good things if you ask me.

 Yves Rocher Flawless Fluid Foundation- Rose 200

Yves Rocher Flawless Fluid Foundation in Rose 200 vs Yves Rocher Pure Light- Light and Luminous in Rose 200

I ended up with two varieties of Yves Rocher foundation, both in the shade Rose 200 and couldn't help but notice the difference between the two formulations. As you can see in the photos Rose 200- described as being for light complexions is not the same between the Flawless Fluid and the Pure Light (which I'll be reviewing in a few days.) Yves Rocher has a range of shades, but they are divided into two tones: rose for cool skin tones and beige for yellow tones. Both the rose shades work on my skin, but Pure Light is the best match for my slightly lighter than NW20 skin. The Flawless Fluid shade is just a smidge more yellow and slightly darker.

Overall, I like this foundation. It's not going to make my list as all time favourite, but it's great to have on hand, especially if you know you're going to have a long day and want something that is going to stay put.
Have you tried this foundation? Do you like long wearing formulas? Yay or Nay?

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