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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get Healthy Looking Nails with Avon Nail Experts

Oh, nails! I know I love mine, but often times, okay, most of the time, I am not exactly kind to them. From layers of chemical ridden polishes, bashing them a bit too enthusiastically on the ol' keyboard, souring dishes in excruciatingly hot dishwater, to simply giving them a good bang about and using them as little tools (seriously though, sometimes a nail just gets the job done!) they do indeed take a beating.

Those little guys defiantly deserve a bit of love and special attention every now and then, and thanks to the masterminds behind Avon's Nail Expert line, I have all the tools to get the job done right- and in just four easy steps!

Steps 1 & 2: Clip and Trim

Both of these stainless steel tools have soft and slightly squishy red-pink silicone 'comfort grip' handles and precise, sharp blades. They're weighty for their size and seem quite well made. The nail clipper is slightly smaller than your average set, making it the perfect size to slip into a travel makeup bag or purse. I'll admit that I've never used cuticle clippers, and they actually kind of scare me, so I can't say much about these, but they can be used to snip cuticles, hangnails and dead skin.

 Avon Nail Experts Green Tea Cuticle Serum 8g $6.99*

Step 3: Soften and Condition

This cute little bottle contains a conditioning serum infused with green tea leaf extract, aloe leaf juice and panthenol. Not quite sure what panthenol is? Me either. A quick googleage (it's a new word, it'll catch on...) and I can report that panthenol is the alcohol analog of pantothenic acid which is a form of vitamin B5. In cosmetics, panthenol is used as a humectant, emollient, and moisturizer as it has good skin penetration. Good to know! I think we all have cuticle oil that we know we should use but often don't. I know I often skip it because I'm in a hurry and don't want to have to deal with oily nails/fingers, but since this is a serum, it's hassle free. It's applied with a little paddle and you simply rub it onto your cuticles. It absorbs fairly fast and there is no residue.

Step 4: Fortify & Strengthen

This base coat has a protein and keratin infused formula that creates a hard finish with a gel-like shine that claims to increase nail strength by 92%. I've been using this for a couple of days- on it's own and under nail polish, and I have to say I love it! I tend to keep my nails pretty short, but I am still prone to breaking the tips off from time to time (as I mentioned, I am not gentle on my nails.) This base coat really does make my nails seem stronger. It's got a wonderfully shiny finish and feels kind of like a thick protective top coat (think Seche Vite) once dry on nails. Also, it dries really quickly, making it a perfect base coat for under polish if you tend to get impatient (like me!) I've found it lasts really well on it's own, so you can even wear this sans polish and reap the protective barrier it provides.

And there you have it, beautifully healthy looking nails with the most minimal amount of effort. Of course, step five would be to add a shiny Avon nail polish -I'll have swatches of the upcoming spring collection, Petal Impressions soon. They're so pretty! Do you have any fave products you use to keep your nails in tip top shape? Do tell!

Availability: Orders can be made via an Independent Sales Representative (ie. an Avon Lady.) Or by calling 1-800- 265-AVON or online at
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