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Monday, January 28, 2013

NOTD: Misa Break Away

Somebody didn't do any blog prep over the weekend, and now only has a bunch of half ready posts... I totally thought I was more organized for this week. Turns out, I'm not.

I do however have one very pretty polish, Misa Break Away, from their fall 2012 collection Wanderlust. Care to take a peek?

Break Away is a medium-deep purple with red-gold shimmer laced throughout. The shimmer isn't super obvious, but when the light hits it, it flashes, and looks all kinds of stunning. Formula was great, shown is two coats (with topcoat, but it dries plenty shiny without.)

Misa is a brand that, for quite some time, I admired from afar. It was hard to source and have shipped to Canada. Luckily for me, my all time go to Nail Polish Canada, now carries Misa! You can check out the selection here. Are you familiar with the brand? Which shades would you recommend?

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