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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Revlon Selects: Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Orbit

I've been such an absentee blogger... I had envisioned spending the bulk of the holidays just blogging through a stash of product back log, but you know what? I didn't (obviously). I went completely lazy bones, and did... pretty much nothing, and it was all sorts of awesome. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I did, and managed to play with a few few nail polishes, one being 'Orbit' from Revlon's Moon Candy collection.

'Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy™ allows you to get a gorgeous, iridescent effect inspired by outer space. The holographic glitter top coat is illuminated by the dark cream base coat, giving your nails a multi-dimensional look. The dual-ended package gives you everything you need to create a fun, cosmic look. Available in 10 stellar shades.' - Revlon

When these were first introduced (last year, I'm thinking, it seems like Revlon has re-vamped the collection and is reintroducing them) I wasn't that interested in the whole flakie trend. I have to say, after trying Orbit, I am a convert. 

The polishes are packaged in a tubular fashion, with the base coat on one end and the flakie top coat on the other. I initially wondered if it would feel odd to pain my nails with the large tube, but it really didn't effect anything. 

I have major love for the base colour of the Orbit duo, the gorgeous, deep indigo hue is a one coater! Yes, a deep cream shade that applies beautifully in one easy coat. Add to that, it dries incredibly quickly as well.

When you apply the flakie top coat over the base, you get a gorgeous combo. The flakes flash shades of blue, green and purple and have a real depth to them. I love the overall effect! The flakes are a bit larger that other flakies I've used, and you do have to take a bit of care to ensure all the edges are flat on the nail because of the size, but a thick top coat will remedy that. The flakie coat is, overall, quite easy to apply. I didn't have to fish around to get the flakes onto the brush, and they easily transferred to the nail from it.

Overall, I am really impressed with this duo. I will definitely try out a few other shades when I see these in store. Have you tried any of the Moon Candy polishes? What do you think of flakie polishes? Yay or Nay?   


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