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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils

I've had a major influx of products pass over my desk the past few days, on top of the box of items I already have waiting for their moment in the spotlight. You know what that means? Clean up time! I don't know how other bloggers like to organize for upcoming posts, but I like to take batches of photos at once, organize them into separate files and store those in one big 'To Blog' file. That way, when I set out to 'work' (whether that be editing photos, or prepping a post) everything is there waiting for me. It's a great system, for the most part... Sometimes products get left behind. New exciting items get pushed up and others are left to gather virtual dust. From time to time, I abandon such items, their time has passed, but that's mean, and I end up feeling bad about.

Today brings us one of the dust collectors. I've had these photos for almost a year now, and while I do love the product, they just got overlooked. Anyhow, let's take a look!

'Big and blendable, this 2-in-1 waterproof 24/7 shadow pencil keeps going as long as you do. Our next generation of famous 24/7 pencils can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, or both! 

They’re crease-proof, they’re waterproof… it’s the next generation of 24/7 Pencils! Our Shadow Pencils deliver incredible color payout, but feel lightweight. The new fat shape allows you to cover large areas more quickly. Use the thin tip as eyeliner, or the side of the tip as a generous swipe of eyeshadow. Luscious drop-dead shades make you feel every inch the creative type, as you blend shimmer, cream and sparkle finishes. Skip the powder shadow brushes and water – our pencils make it easier than ever to get vibrant eyeshadow looks on the go. Experiment with multiple shades layered together, then blend away for an unbelievable effect that sets and stays put. All shades are paraffin, mineral oil, and paraben-free.' -Urban Decay 


I should start by stating that the Shadow Pencils shown are not the full size. Urban Decay had a set out sometime last year with what they call 'travel size' pencils, but they are very generously sized, and only a teeny bit smaller than their full size counterparts. A full size pencil weighs in at 0.10oz, while the 'travel' variety is 0.088oz. The set that I have included a fifth shade, Clash, which was a bright turquoise-blue shade. I knew I was never going to use it so I have it stashed away somewhere to trade or simply offload to anyone who will take it. Anyway...

I used to avoid the bulk of cream shadows/liners. You know why.... You just never know if you're going to get something that will 'set'. It's incredibly annoying to get a beautiful cream eye product and then find that it stays creamy and ends up being a creasing, smudging mess. You can feel secure with UD though. Much like their skinny counter parts- the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, these are incredibly smooth, pigmented, and set to a budge proof finish. LOVE!

Sin is a light, pink tinged beige with a slightly frosted sheen. I initially wondered how much I'd use this as I am a fan of the powder shadow version, but I'm a total convert! I use this pencil almost everyday. It's a must have shade, as it brightens eyes beautifully and works well as an all over shade when you're in a hurry, or as a highlight. Perfection in a pencil!

Juju is a medium taupe like shade- I say taupe like, because it leans more brown based- with a frosted sheen. This shade is also useful when you just want a fast, brightening wash of colour.

Rehab is a deeper brown shade with just a smidge of taupe and copper.

Delinquent is a deep purple with brighter purple shimmer.

Overall, I am a major fan of these shadows. At $20 a pop they do seem a bit pricey, but if you choose a neutral shade, like Sin, I love Sin, you'll use it so much you won't know how you ever lived without it! Have you tried these? Thoughts?

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