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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour- New Shades

There was a time, when I avoided cream eyeshadows like the plaque. I just couldn't be bothered with another 'looks good when I apply it, but creases and fades ten minutes later' situation. Admit it, we've all been there, unfortunately. That said, I've tried so many great cream shadows the past while, that I now kind of get really excited when I see new ones; Like these Mary Kay Cream Eye Colours. Just looking at them in their little pots gave me the feeling that they were something special. They spoke to me...

So, maybe the whole speaking thing is just a side effect of too many years exposed to nail polish fumes, but these are pretty great, especially if you love taupe. Who doesn't love taupe?

 Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour- Meadow Grass*, Coastal Blue*, Violet Storm*, and Metallic Taupe* 4.3g / 15oz $16

'Introducing four beautiful new shades of Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour you're sure to love! Simply swirl Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour on the fingertip and glide it on for a smooth wash of colour that lasts all day! It can be applied with a Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour/Concealer Brush for more precise application. Avilable in four new shades: Metallic Taupe, Meadow Grass, Violet Storm, and Coastal Blue; and five existing shades: Apricot Twist, Beach Blonde, Glacier Gray, Iced Cocoa and Pale Blush.' -Mary Kay

These shadows come in plastic pots with plastic caps. I was surprised to see that the pots are plastic as most, actually all of the cream shadows I have are housed in glass. The only problem I can think of is the likely hood that I'll crack on the lids trying to screw it on extra tight. I'm always extra diligent when it comes to capping cream shadows to avoid dry out. Anyhow, the pot is flatter and wider in circumference than your typical pot making it easier to apply with your finger (and not get product under your nail) if that's your application method of choice.

I love these shades, but I especially love that the tone of each shade is so versatile. They're light enough that they can be worn solo, but have enough depth and pigmentation that they can also be used together or with powder shadows for a complete look. The amount of pigmentation is amazing! The colours are rich and vibrant with a customizable opacity. You can apply a sheer wash with these, or you can easily add a bit more shadow for a bolder, more opaque look.

I found the wear time to be excellent. I've worn them both with and without primer and had absolutely no creasing. Without primer, they do fade a bit by hour 5-6. As said, these apply easily, but you also have a fairly large window to blend/work with them before they begin to set.

 Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour- Meadow Grass*, Coastal Blue*, Violet Storm*, and Metallic Taupe*

Meadow Grass is a medium toned, dusty grass green with a golden metallic sheen. As much as I love green, I don't actually have many green shadows... but this is what I consider the perfect shade of green, that will look great on any skin tone and with any colour eyes.

Coastal Blue is a GORGEOUS (can you tell I like it?) jewel toned blue with a slight teal lean. As much as I love blue I still get a bit nervous with blue products for on my eyes, but this swatched darker than I thought it would based on how it looks in the pot. I love this shade and have been experimenting with all the ways I can wear it. 

Violet Storm is a medium toned, violet with a slight metallic finish thanks to the blue-pink micro shimmer within it. Another beautiful shade!

Metallic Taupe is a slightly mousey taupe, but the metallic shimmer within it gives it some pink-bronze colour play depending on how the light hits it.

For this look I used Coastal Blue all over my lid. I used a matte black shadow and black liner in the crease and a light champagne colour on the inner eye and to highlight below the brow and blend out the crease.

For this look I used Meadow Grass on the inner third of my lid, followed by Violet Storm on the middle third and Metallic Taupe on the outer (not quite)third and up into the crease. I added a bit of a darker taupe shadow through the outer corner and into the crease to intensify Metallic Taupe.

Overall, I'm really happy with both the formula and these shades. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of all of the shades. They're just so pretty and easily wearable! Have you tried these cream shadows? Which shades do you like?

Available starting  March 16th from
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