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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Avon Glow Bronzing Makeup Collection- Blusher Bronzer Duos and Marbleized Lip Gloss

You know what Summer Collections mean... Bronzers! I say that with only a small dose of excitement. While I do reach for bronzer every so often, I am very choosy about it and really find that I only need one in my collection to be perfectly happy. I'd say it's the only makeup type item that I don't get all gaga about. That said, pair it with a pretty blush, and I'll definitely perk up a bit. Throw in a few sparkling, marbleized lip glosses, and I'm yours. Clearly Avon gets me; so today we can take a little look at a few items from their newest offering the Avon Glow Bronzing Makeup Collection.

 Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo- Pink Glow* 12g $15

Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo- Peach Glow* 12g $15

 Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo- Pink Glow* and Peach Glow*

These blush and bronzer duos are pretty neat. As I said, I don't always do bronzer, but I do love the idea of having colour matched blush and bronzer neatly housed in one compact. These duos are housed in shimmering bronze compacts that are fairly large and have accompanying mirrors which are also a generous size. No space was wasted on an applicator, which I love. It's only something most of us will throw away anyway, so why needlessly bulk up the packaging?

Both of the duos have a matte bronzer and a satin blush with very fine shimmer. The shimmer doesn't read once on your skin, but it is detecable in the pan if you look closely. The bronzers are nicely pigmented for my taste- although I do prefer a lighter amount of pigmentation for a bronzer as I have light skin- it is easily buildable and each shade gives skin a natural glow without being too orange. The blushes are quite nice- perfectly pigmented and easily blended. Both shades are very summery, but I am really in love with Peach Glow.

 Avon Glow Marbleized Lip Gloss- Sun Kissed Bronze*, Coral Explosion*, and Pink Sunset* 7g $7.99

 Avon Glow Marbleized Lip Gloss- Pink Sunset*, Coral Explosion*, and Sun Kissed Bronze*

 Avon Glow Marbleized Lip Gloss- Pink Sunset*

Avon Glow Marbleized Lip Gloss- Coral Explosion*

 Avon Glow Marbleized Lip Gloss- Sun Kissed Bronze*

 From what I can recall, Avon comes out with a form of their Glow lip glosses every year. The glosses are sheer but super shiny and meant to enhance your tan. I'm never all that tan (or any tan) but these glosses are really pretty weather you're sun-kissed or rocking the au-natural pale look, you're going to want one of these.  

As mentioned these are sheer washes of colour- you get the most pop from Pink Sunset- but what I really love about them is the shimmer. I usually say that I prefer a flat gloss, but the iridescent shimmer in these have really great colour play and just make my lips look... well, great! These have a lightly fruity/floral scent and your basic doe foot applicator. The gloss is lightly sticky, but not thick or uncomfortable feeling on lips, and last about three hours on me. 

Overall, these are some great items to perk up your Summer makeup bag (and without investing much money!) See anything that interests you?


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