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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NYX Wonder Pencil- Light

Another day, another pencil... I considered posting something else, since yesterdays post -Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude and Light Blue (here) was pretty similar, but at the same time, the similarities kind of work with each other. You know?

You might be thinking 'How many nude pencils do you need?' Prbably only one, but in my defence I ordered this with a few other NYX goodies before I found the Rimmel ones in store. I thought you might like a little peek at NYX's take and see how it compares to the similarly priced Rimmel version. Yes? Let's get to it!

'Introducing the Wonder Pencil…It’s the essential pencil that will meet all of your beauty desires! Conquer the 3 important makeup deeds with one product – conceal, brighten, and line! Use this pencil as a lip liner and an eye brightener inside your water line. Get that impeccable look naturally. Available in 3 shades to match your skin tone flawlessly.' -NYX

While I love the idea that this pencil is marketed as being a triple threat- eye brightener, concealing lip liner, and concealer- it really only performs very well in two of those areas. Firstly, as a concealing lip pencil this is absolute perfection! I initially thought it would be way too light on my lips, but it lightens them just enough, and provides the perfect base for light lipsticks. I wore this under MAC Snob and it made the world of difference. This would be totally worth while purchasing even if you only use it for that.

I didn't find that this worked as concealer. At all. The texture is wrong, and it feels so totally wrong to use something on my lips and eyes and to conceal. You know? Skip it if you were interested in using it as a concealer.

NYX Wonder Pencil- Light vs. Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal- Nude 

Aaaand, the whole reason most will use this product for- eye brightening. When I first popped the top off of this I didn't have the highest of hopes. It just seemed like it would end up being too firm/waxy to use on the waterline. Luckily I was wrong, and this does apply reasonably well. It is a firmer texture than the Rimmel counterparts, and requires and extra pass to build up pigmentation, but other than that it works well. I actually like the colour of the NYX Wonder Pencil over that of Rimmel's Nude, as it it's much lighter, and essentially an exact match for my skin tone; meaning, it brightens, but looks extremely natural in comparison to Rimmel's take on nude.

In a perfect world, I could have Rimmel's creamy texture and NYX's shade in one pencil, but what can you do? Overall, the NYX Wonder Pencil is a great pencil if you don't mind an extra pass to build up colour or want colour options- this is available in Light, Medium and Deep- or if you're looking for something that can muli-task. Have you tried this? Thoughts?

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