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Friday, May 10, 2013

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel

I've got to give to the brains behind Avon. Especially their nail polish team, who clearly haven't had a day off in quite a while. I showed you a preview of the three collections I had to be swatched, and have since gotten a few more. They just don't stop. But, this polish feind doesn't mind one bit, especially not when the shades are as shimmery and fun as these Forbidden Fruit collection. Ready for a look?

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Honeydew Dazzle*, Divine Lime*, and Seduce Me Strawberry* 12ml / 0.4fl. oz $6.99

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Mandarin Magic*, Apple of His Eye*, and Grape Goddess* 12ml / 0.4fl. oz $6.99

This collection consists of six fruit themed shades, which all have a glass pearl finish that provides a shimmering look that really shines and catches the light. I found the formula of these to be a bit thin, and as such most shades- the two darker shades are the exception- needed at least 3 coats to be opaque enough to cover visible nail line. Apart from being thin, the formula was really easy to apply, and dried quite fast. Always a plus. Any nail showing in photos was not present in person, it's just my camera showing off it's x-ray capabilities.

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Honeydew Dazzle*

Honeydew Dazzle is a minty green tonal and silver shimmer. The cream base dilutes some of the shimmer in this shade, but it is still visible and really quite pretty. This is 2 thicker coats- I found thin coats only ended up streaking.

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Divine Lime*

Divine Lime is a medium-bright yellow based green with tonal shimmer. Although this is a lime shade, it makes me think of apple Jolly Ranchers for some reason... Three coats.

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Seduce Me Strawberry*

Seduce Me Strawberry is a bright red-pink with silvery shimmer. The shade reads a bit more pink in person but not as pink looking as it reads in the bottle. This shade will be perfect for pedicures, as to me it's a quintessential summer shade. Four coats, as visible nail line was still peeking through.

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Mandarin Magic*

Mandarin Magic is a bright, juicy looking orange with fiery yellow-golden shimmer. Orange is not usually a colour I gravitate towards, but this shade is so vibrant you can't help but like it! Three coats.

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Apple of His Eye*

Apple of His Eye is a terrible name... couldn't it have at least been Apple of My Eye? Maybe it's just my feminist side peeking through, but ugh. Anyhow, this is a classic red shade with tonal shimmer. The shimmer in this isn't as bold as most of the other shades, but the slightly deeper tone of the shade is really quite gorgeous. This was two thick coats.

Avon Forbidden Fruit Nailwear Pro+ Grape Goddess*

Grape Goddess is a vivid purple-fuchsia with tonal and violet shimmer. These types of glass fecked shades usally aren't my favourite, but for whatever reason, I love this shade! Two coats.

All in all, this is a really fun collection for summer as these really shine and catch the light in the sun. Do you like any of these shades? Thoughts?

Available now through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, by calling 1-800-265-AVON or online at   

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