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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mark. Marrakesh Colour Collection and Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray

What, an exotic Middle-Eastern vacation isn't in your budget this year? Me either. Luckily, mark. had us in mind when they created their newest collection. The Marrakesh Colour Collection is perfect for warmer weather with it's glowing, warm hues and hints of gold, and the aptly named Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray to transport your senses to that dream vacation. Intrigued? Read on!

mark. Exotic Hues Eyeshadow Trio* | mark. Nailed it Trend Mini Nail Lacquers*- Mint Tea & Saffron | mark. Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray* | mark. Exotic Beauty Face Powder Mosaics* | mark. Bold and Bright Scarf* 

 mark. Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquer (set of 2)*- Mint Tea and Saffron 2.7ml $8

 mark. Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquer (set of 2)*- Mint Tea

Mint Tea is a medium-deep green with shimmering tones of olive and gold. Brush strokes do show a bit, but nothing too extreme. Great formula, two easy coats.

mark. Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquer (set of 2)*- Saffron 

Saffron is a warm, shimmering, metallic gold. The shade reads a bit too yellow in photos, it's a bit paler/softer in person. This shade is really quite gorgous and will be great for pedicures. There are some visible brush strokes,

 mark. Exotic Beauty Face Powder Mosaics* 9.9g $16 and mark. Exotic Hues Eyeshdaow Trio* 0.6g $12

mark. Exotic Beauty Face Powder Mosaics* and mark. Exotic Hues Eyeshdaow Trio* 

'Inspired by the ornate designs found across Marrakesh (with) shimmering shades of coral, gold and bronze that combine for a radiance you can dust on all summer long.' -mark.

Next, the Exotic Beauty Face Powder Mosaics: This is one pretty little product. I love the concentric circle/floral design on this so much I was a bit hesitant to swatch it... but I did. I didn't know if this would be a shimmering blush, or a highlighter, but it is in fact a highlighter. The bulk of the compact is the beige-gold shade, but the dot of bronze in the middle and the coral on the outer rim mix in to create a really pretty shade that glows on skin. I was worried that there would be glitter in this, but I'm glad to report this is incredibly refined and totally gorgeous. It's nicely pigmented and easy to sweep on. I've been using a bit of matte bronzer on my cheeks then adding this to highlight. Love it!

 mark. Exotic Beauty Face Powder Mosaics* face and mark. Exotic Hues Eyeshdaow Trio* on eyes

mark. Exotic Hues Eyeshdaow Trio* 

'High pigment wet/dry shades are baked for long lasting wear with shades inspired by the vibrant spices found in the city's souks. Dual ended brush applicator included.' - mark.

 I don't really have a lot of experience with baked shadows, but this trio is quite nice. I love how pigmented the are dry (as swatched above) and am blown away by how vibrant they are when used wet. I found I didn't need to use them wet to get great pigmentation, but I do find a wet brush is best for the gold shade as it's formula is a bit drier and has chunkier glitter. A wet brush keeps the shadow together and prevents fallout. 

I know, we all say how much we dislike the applicators/bushes that come with products, but, the little brush that is included with this is actually really useful. The angled end is perfect for applying shadow along the lower lash line. The other end is a bit too small for applying shadow on the lid, but it works great for applying colour to the crease. A brush that is actually usable, crazy!

mark. Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray* 1.7 fl.oz $26

'DESINTATION: MARRAKESH. It's the vacation of our dreams- staying in a riad, with it's gorgeous, lush courtyeard; discovering local treasures in the souks sprinkled around the city; finding fun in the main square, where snake charmers, musicians and food vendors take turns entertaining... In Marrakesh, one amazing day turns into the another. A fragrance as seductive as the city that inpired it.' -mark.

Last, but definitely not least- this actually just might be my favourite item of the collection- is Marrakesh Instant Vacation Eau de Toilette Spray. With top notes of saffron infusion, neroli blossom, and crushed mint, middle notes of Moroccan jasmine absolute, cardamom, and wild figs drying down to base notes of violet leaf, argan oil and crystallized musk, I really had no idea what to expect. The scent is much sweeter than I expected -never a bad thing for my sweet loving nose- but not cloying. There is a slight spiciness and floral notes- mainly violet and jasmine, but I am not an expert when it comes to deciphering florals. This scent has the perfect amount of strength in that it's not too heavy, but not so light that it disappears once on. I really love this scent! It arrived a few weeks ago, and I've been wearing it steady. I might have to pick up a scond bottle to get me through the summer...

Overall, this is a great summer collection. Must haves for me are the Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics Powder and Marrakesh Instant Vacation fragrance. In case you missed it, the lovely pink fabric used in the first two photos is the mark. Bold and Bright Scarf* ($20) that is the perfect accompaniment to this collection with it's vibrant hue and shimmering gold edging. What do you think of this collection? Did you spot any must haves? 

Available now through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, by calling 1-800-265-AVON or online at   

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