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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour- Core Shades

After trying Mary Kay Cream Eye Colours in the new shades (here) I knew I'd have to get my hands on their core shades too. They're just that good! That said I was very excited to see these arrive at my door. I've had some time to play er.. test them all... Want a to take a peek? Read on!

 Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour- Beach Blonde*, Pale Blush*, Apricot Twist*, Glacier Grey*, and Iced Cocoa* 4.3g $16

'Swirl, glide and go! Apply versatile Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color with your fingertip – just glide it on for a smooth wash of colour that lasts up to 10 hours. Choose from five gorgeous shades.' - Mary Kay

I won't go into a full on rave about the formula of these since I have here, but I will say that these are just as fantastic as the other shades I've used. The core shades all fall into neutral territory making them perfect for everyday looks and great as bases/primer for powder shadows.

Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour- Beach Blonde*, Pale Blush*, Apricot Twist*, Glacier Grey*, and Iced Cocoa*

Beach Blonde is a sandy, golden beige shade that really looks like it's name. It's a great neutral with a stain finish. One layer provides a light wash of colour, but these set nicely and are easy to layer if you want more opacity. This shade really got me thinking of a great Summery look: Beach Blonde over lids, with smoked out chocolate brown liner ( I recommend this one) and of course, a few coats of a good waterproof mascara. On the face a bit of shimmering bronzer on cheeks and a swipe of a coral gloss. Perfectly summer!

Pale Blush is the lone matte shade, and makes an excellent base for shadows with it's natural, yet pale baby pink shade. This shade is a great way to instantly brighten the look of eyes, as it's not too intensely pink, but if you did want to play up the pink tones, I've found that MAC Yogurt is a great shade to pair with it, as Yogurt is similar, but really makes the pink more apparent.

 Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour- Apricot Twist* vs MAC Paint Pot- Rubenesque

Apricot Twist is a warm golden peach shade. In the pot it made me think of MAC Rubenesque, a very popular shade of paint pot, but Rubenesque is more pink tones and has more golden sheen compared to Apricot Twist. Like Rubenesque this shade is great to pop on for an easy, but put together look.

Glacier Grey is a metallic silver-grey with a satin finish. I think this shade would be stunning on blue eyes, which I don't have... but, it's a universally wearable shade too, and I do like it on my dark brown eyes. This shade would make a perfect base for smoky looks or simply paired with a bit of smudged liner.

Iced Cocoa is a warm brown with super fine golden shimmer. This is the only shade with shimmer, and it is all kinds of gorgeous. As someone with brown eyes, I thought I'd seen every form of brown already, but this shade is so stunning. This shade is the most opaque in one pass.

Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour in Beach Blonde*, Iced Cocoa* and MAC Brown Down

For the look above, I used Beach Blond on the inner third of my eye and Iced Cocoa though the lid. I added a bit of MAC Brown Down- one my favourite matte browns, I'm surprised it doesn't get more love- to deepen the crease. Fast and easy, but quite nice!

Overall, I love these shadows! The formula is just a good  as (even better than some) MAC Paint Pots and at a lower price point. The fact that these work so well as both bases- I don't use primer with these and they last all day- and shadows makes them perfect staple products for any makeup bag. Have you tried these? Got a favourite shade? Do share!

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