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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream and Foam Call Shower and Bath Body Wash

Spring has finally sprung! In full force here- the leaves are finally turning green and the birds have been hopping about driving my indoor-only cat a bit crazy. She sits at the window a natters at them as if they'll fear her nonexistent ferocious-ness.

When seasons change, I tend to switch up my body care items. I opt for lighter, fresher scents, and lighter- yet still moisturizing formulas. That said, it was perfect timing that Soap & Glory released a new fruity scent for their Butter Yourself Body Cream and Foam Call Shower and Bath Body Wash.

Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream* and Foam Call Shower and Bath Body Wash*

'Deeply fruity with a definite touch of fig, and so addictive we can't keep our noses out of it. Also features the headily exotic frozen yuzu, sweet orange oil, and pomelo essence (gathered deep from the jungle primeval by our intrepid perfumers.)' - Soap & Glory 

Anyone who's used Soap & Glory products knows that they know how to make an excellent scent. Everything they make just smells so amazing! We'll, they've done it again with their Fruitigo scent. Reading the description you might be thinking of something quite citrus based, and possibly not all that complex, I'll admit citrus based scents are not always my favourite, but this is Soap & Glory we're talking about. The scent is nicely complex, with layers of fruity notes that smell more like a fine perfume than a scent created for skincare items. It's not as sweet smelling as I expected, which is great. It has a freshness without being too citrus-y.

 Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream* 300ml $20

'Fruity body moisturiser containing exfoliating AHAs, orange waterjuice™, shea butter, peppermint oil & fruitliquid fig. Scented with our Fruitigo™ fragrance.' -Soap & Glory

Butter Yourself is quite the body cream... it's texture is thick and creamy but almost whipped at the same time. When I first scooped it out, I expected it to be firmer, but it spreads over skin easily, absorbs at warp speed and is seriously moisturizing. I love that this provides really great hydration without feeling heavy on skin. Of course, the Fruitigo scent is pretty amazing too. It lingers lightly on skin after application, but isn't so heavy that it will interfere with other scents you may apply. Added bonus, the tub is huge and you don't need a lot of this to be super smooth, so you're really getting great bang for your buck.

Soap & Glory Foam Call Shower and Bath Body Wash* 500ml $16

'These super moisture-suds contain peppermint essential oils, grapeseed EFAS, fruitliquid fig and orange waterjuice™. Scented with our new Fruitigo™ fragrance' -Soap & Glory

Foam Call- can we just take a second to appreciate the wittiness of the name... Honestly, I want a job writing for Soap & Glory products. How does one go about making that happen? Foam Call is a moisturizing body wash that does double duty and can also be used in the bath. I've been using this in the shower  on a pouf with great success. I did learn less is more though- the first time I used it, it seemed like the pump didn't release much product, so I pumped it again... okay maybe I pumped it three times. Maybe the Soap & Glory experts designed the pump that way for a reason, because I ended up with what can only be described as a long distance foam call aka way too many suds for one person. For a creamy body wash, this froths up really nicely. The suds are light and foamy, and you can feel the hydration on your skin as soon as you begin to rinse.

You're still going to want to follow up with a moisturizer after showering- Butter Yourself, obviously- but Foam Call does provide some light hydration, and at the very least, won't strip skin. I find it's nice to have a hydrating shower product in the summer months as most of us tend to shower more and that can lead to drier skin. Nobody wants that.

Overall, I can't recommend these products enough! The Fruitigo scent is perfect for warmer months and just smells so good! Are you a fan of Soap & Glory products? Have you tried these products? 

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