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Monday, June 3, 2013

Avon Celestial Summer Colour Collection- Cosmic Eyeshadows

Continuing on with with Celestial Summer Colour Collection are the Cosmic Eyeshadow. I have to say that I got quite excited when I saw these baked shadows- just look the marble-y goodness!

There are ten shades in this collection, and I have four to show you. Let's take a look!

Avon Celestial Summer Cosmic Eyeshaows- Jaded Moon*, Cosmic Brown*, Purple Haze*, and Midnight Sky* 4.0g $8

Each shadow is comprised of three shaded that swirl together to make one 'lumiouns, multi-tone, pearl effect' shadow. I'll admit that I've had mixed results with Avon shadows, but upon first swatch, these seemed to be really promising. Pigmentation seemed nice- save for one, but more on that in a moment.

When I set out to use these, I wasn't quite as pleased. When used dry the pigmentation you get when swatched disappears. What you do get is a fair bit of fallout from the shimmer. Ugh. Since these are baked shadows, I opted to use them with a damp brush. They apply much better when used as such, as you're able to avoid fallout and get pretty good pigmentation, but you do give up the ability to blend much. These are best used for simple looks with just one or two shades.
Avon Celestial Summer Cosmic Eyeshadow- Jaded Moon*
Avon Celestial Summer Cosmic Eyeshadow- Cosmic Brown*
Avon Celestial Summer Cosmic Eyeshadow- Purple Haze*
Avon Celestial Summer Cosmic Eyeshadow- Midnight Sky*

As mentioned, these swatched quite well dry, save for Purple Haze. It's more matte than the other shades, and as such, has a firmer texture. When applied wet, it did perform much better. When used dry, none of the shades had great pigmentation, but Purple Haze was definitely the sheerest of the bunch.

For the looks below, I applied the shadows with a damp brush- add too much water and these tended to ball up and not perform so well.

 Avon Cosmic Eyeshadow in Comic Brown and Jaded Moon with Galactic Green Glimmerstick Eyeliner 

Avon Cosmic Eyeshadow in Purple Haze and Midnight Sky with Blackened Night Glimmerstick Eyeliner

Overall, I don't love these eyeshadows. The texture and pigmentation does leave a little to be desired. That said, if you like creating simple looks- using one or two shades- and don't mind applying these wet, then they could definitely be something you'd enjoy. I did end up liking these when I used them to create the looks shown. Are you a fan of baked shadows?

Available now! Orders can be made through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, by calling 1-800-265-AVON or online at 

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