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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Demeter Summer Scents- Swimming Pool, Daisy and Sex on the Beach

I have a few fragrances in rotation, and some are definitely suited to certain seasons. It's pretty much common knowledge that you're not going to want to wear a heavy scent in warmer weather. You just don't. You do however wear a fresh, light scent, like something from Demeter. See what I did there?

I've been wearing three fresh, Summery scents in the form of Swimming Pool, Daisy, and Sex on the Beach. Read on for my thoughts...

'Dive into the pool. A soft, watery, natural ozone scent, wrapped in a fresh cotton towel... Demeter's Swimming Pool is the lingering memory of the pool water on the skin, not the pool itself. Savor the Summer, anywhere, anytime.' - Demeter

I don't know about you, but when I think of a swimming pool's scent, it doesn't really read as something I'd like to spritz myself with. Luckily, Demeter bottled the allure of what a swimming pool could smell like, if not for all the chlorine. When you first spray this you get fresh clean scent that gets a little greener as it dries down. The scent is hard to really describe other than fresh and clean. If you like clean scents then this is a must have.

'Demeter’s Daisy is a light, bright floral tinged with green that smells just like the living flower in the wild. Sheer, transparent and slightly sweet, we cannot smell this one without smiling or thinking of sunshine.'  -Demeter

I'm not well versed in the world of florals, but I do like Daisy. It's not as 'flowery' smelling as I expected- if that makes any sense. It's a very light, clean floral with a bit of an earthiness and sweetness. I wouldn't have expected the earthy notes to blend well with the sweetness but it really works. I never would have chosen this scent for myself, but I really like it.

'Demeter Fragrance Library presents the wearable version of the Sex on the Beach Cocktail, a sensory sensation; an inviting and refreshing combination of Vodka, unsweetened Pineapple Juice, a touch of Raspberry liquor, and hint of Melon liquor and a splash of Cranberry.' - Demeter

Sex on the Beach is not only a favourite of mine- in the glass- but also in scent form. I like a fruity scent and this one is definitely fruity with top notes of pineapple, raspberry and cranberry. The vodka note isn't overly apparent as such, but it does ground the sweetness.

Overall, you can't really go wrong with a Demeter scent. I've definitely had moments where I judged the name before sniffing, but in the end I'm always proven wrong. These scents wear pretty well on me, about 5 hours before really fading. Have you tried any of these scents? 

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