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Friday, June 28, 2013

maybelline instant age rewind foundation, treatment concealer and powder

Hello Blog Fans!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! I, however am so completely uncomfortable... I must have slept with my side curved because today it's stiff, tender and totally uncomfortable. Ugh. Nothing an ibuprofen shouldn't cure though. I'm a trooper. That won't stop me from delivering the beauty news you need. Nay, you deserve! Dramatics over, but I do have the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind lineup of foundation, concealer and powder.

'Lifting foundation with peptides firms skin and covers instantly, while primer smoothes lines and rough texture. Comes in 12 shades' - Maybelline

I have to say, that the helix type swirl the primer and foundation make in the bottle is quite interesting to look at. It am always taken in by products that can achieve that, and even more so when it doesn't get destroyed when the product is used.

So, primer in foundation... it's not something I would seek out, and I'm likely to still prep my skin with before using anyhow, but if it makes for a smoother or more moisturizing product I'm all for it. This foundation has a slightly whipped texture- which I'm not sure if it's because of the type of pump or the product itself- yet is still creamy. The foundation is of a medium thickness- it's actually thicker than I expected- but it blends onto skin easily.

The shade I received is a touch dark on me, but I have a feeling if I went down a shade it might be too light, so there you go... Although a touch dark, I am still able to make this work, as it does blend into skin easily that the difference is only noticeable to me. I can't really say that this does any lifting, but it does smooth skin as skin is noticeably softer after application. I find that this wears well- it lasts for the better part of the day and doesn't make me shiny/oily. It does have the faintest bit of shimmer or 'light reflecting particles' in it, but they aren't noticeable on the skin unless you really search for them.

'Revolutionary concealer and vitamin C treatment covers instantly, while fighting dark spots over time. Concentrated Vitamin C formula visibly decreases dark spots in just 4 weeks*. Targets signs of aging, dark spots, acne scars and sunspots' - Maybelline

I was quite excited to try this, as the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind... Brightener (review) is one of my favourite products ever. Yes, ever! I use it every single day over my concealer for some added light around my eyes.

The main difference between the original Age Rewind conceler and this one, is that this one is said to be able to reduce dark spots and brighten skin in four weeks. Humm... I haven't used this exclusively/long enough to know if that claim is true, but I really can't see it working that well. It does however make a great concealer. Like the original formula, this has a thin texture, but it does cover pretty well. I mainly use this under my eyes and find that it does cover dark circles quite well, but can crease if not set with powder. And yes, I still like to pop on a bit of the brightener over it. Seriously, if you don't have the brightener, pick one up!

'Pressed powder and smoothing primer resurface and perfect skin, while adding a touch of radiance for a younger looking skin instantly. No caking. No settling.' -Maybelline

I've become pretty fussy about powders because so many can end up making your skin/makeup just look worse, but this powder is so smooth! I wasn't sold that the swirl of primer- it's the white stuff 'Uh, uh, uh-woooh... the white stuff!' Ahem, sorry about that.

Continuing on; This is a great powder if you are prone to drier skin as it is very smooth and doesn't seem to cling on dry patches. It's got the slightest bit of pigmentation, but it doesn't impart much onto the skin- this pretty much disappears when you apply it. It's sets makeup nicely and works well for touch-ups since it doesn't cake. I'm usually not much for touching up, but I do keep this in my purse for shine emergencies.

Overall, these are three products worth looking into if you're on the hunt for some drugstore finds. I would take the bulk of the anti-aging claims with a grain of salt though... Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts?

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