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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Swatched: China Glaze Angel Wings

Gold. G-O-L-D.

I've had an iffy (at best) relationship with gold. Gold as in the yellow toned variety, or the colour. I love white gold, but yellow... I just don't know. Well, I just didn't know. In the past few months I've really warmed up to yellow gold- pun not intended, happy accident. It could be that gold is the last shade of nail polish I can buy with abandon, as I have so few, but there is just something about gold that has made me quite happy. With all that rambley-ness aside, when I spotted China Glaze Angel Wings as a points reward on Nail Polish Canada a few weeks ago, I gladly traded a few in for this golden sparkler.

Angel Wings is an antique gold with a dirty green tinge... it's definitely a unique shade. It's also jam packed with holographic glitter that flares pretty much every colour of the rainbow- as shown in the blurred photo above. The formula was a little sheer, so I ended up needed four coats to full cover nail line, but for a glitter, it did build easily. The finish of this polish is a bit gritty and not all that shiny. It's similar to the Zoya Pixie polishes, which I'm really liking- I'm currently waiting on two more to arrive out of the Summer shades. I like the finish, but some might not. I can see it requiring a few coats of top coat to be fully smooth.

Overall, I love this polish! The colour is totally unique and I happen to be a fan of the semi-matte, textured finish. Have you used this shade? Are you a fan of gold?

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