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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ageless derma satin lip gloss- pink gold

Lipgloss is the first beauty item that I ever started to collect. While I don't hoard it in quite the same manner I once did, I still have a major soft spot for it. The newest gloss to pass my desk is this cute little pot of Satin Lip Gloss from Ageless Derma, which I'm really loving. Read on to see it in action.

'Ageless Derma Lip Gloss is chock full of moisturizing ingredients to make lips more moisturized, soft, and ultimately, more kissable and sexy.  This lip gloss contains some of the top ingredients found in wrinkle products: vitamins, oils, and botanicals, that are all natural and work in combination to provide a solution to lip dehydration and wrinkling due to aging and sun exposure.' -Ageless Derma

This gloss is housed in a little plastic pot- I know, the pot is a little annoying as you've got to dip into it or use a lip brush, but this is such great gloss I don't mind. The gloss has a mint scent but it seems to fade just moments after applying, which I really like as I'm not a huge fan of mint scented lip items. The shade I have (there are 12 to choose from) is Pink Gold which is a semi-sheer pink with a golden duo-chrome like shimmer. It's soft and pretty and the gold gives it that something special.

What I particularly love is the texture; I expected something along the lines of your basic gloss but this has absolutely no tackiness (honest!) and wears like lip balm. It doesn't wear all that long- just over two hours- because of the fact that it's so smooth, but I really don't mind having to reapply this as it's just so comfortable to wear and even moisturizes like a light lip balm.

Overall, I've got to say that I love this gloss! It would be more convenient in a tube, but what can you do? Have you tried this gloss?

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