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Monday, July 22, 2013

avon big colour eye pencil diamonds

I was just about to publish this post when I noticed this big ol' blank space... Ooops.

I really don't think I've got an intro either. Oh, well. You can't win them all. Read on for the goods!

 Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil Diamonds- Gold Rush* and Cocoa Gleam* 1.6g $9.99

Available in six shades the new Big Colour Eye Pencil Diamonds are claim to deliver a 'prismatic sparkle finish' which they do, it's just that the formula is a bit off. I really like the original Big Colour pencils and use them quite frequently, but these seem to lack the creaminess I've come to expect. The shimmer in them is refined so I don't think that it's the issue...These just don't apply as smoothly and are difficult to blend.

Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil Diamonds- Gold Rush* and Cocoa Gleam*

Neither shade applies as nicely as I expected with Gold Rush being slightly creamier but still skips and applies patchy while Cocoa Gleam didn't want to apply at all upon first use. The surface of the pencil seemed like it had a coating on it. Once I got past that it applied smoother than Gold Rush, but proved to be extremely difficult to blend. Boo!

In then end it did look okay, but I am still a bit disappointed with these as they definitely don't live up to the original Big Colour Eye Pencils. Skip these and go with them. If you're after gold, try the mark version, reviewed here. Have you tried these? Have you tried any products that just weren't all you hoped for?

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