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Monday, July 15, 2013

avon elements skin revitalize night radiance cream & 2-in-1 brightening eye roller

If you've been reading IKATW for long, you likely know I lurve me a brightening product. My skin can easily look dull so I flock to anything that promises to brighten, illuminate or give me some radiance. Given that, it's obvious which range of the new Avon Elements line I zoomed in on first. Read on for more info!

Avon Elements skin care line has been formulated for anyone looking for a 'quick, easy beauty routine that suits her specific skin type and skin needs' all while being budget conscious and suitable for sensitive skin. How awesome is that?!

The line is made up of four varieties for differing skin types/concerns:
  • Youth Restoring- for younger looking skin with Amethyst Mineral Complex
  • Moisture Boost Normal- For a long-lasting moisturized feel with Sea Oak Complex
  • Moisture Boost Oil-Free- For a shine free moisturized feel with Camellia Tea Leaf
  • Skin Revitalize- for radiance and even tone with Aronia Berry Complex 
Avon Elements Skin Revitalize Night Radiance Cream* 50ml $15.99

'Formulated with Avon's Optics Pearl Technology and Aronia Berry Complex, this lightweight, non-greasy night cream helps provide an instant, radiant finish to skin. Skin has a healthy glow upon waking. Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic.' -Avon

This moisturizer has a light, gel-cream texture that absorbs into skin quickly. It's not as intensely hydrating like you might expect from a night cream, but it does provide a nice boost of hydration. I'll be using this as my summer night cream, as my skin is prone to being dehydrated and I'll likely need a bit more moisturization during colder months. For those who have normal skin, this will likely provide all the hydration you're looking for.

The pearl-like shimmer is quite evident in the pot, but once you apply the moisturizer it's barely visible on skin. You have to really be looking for it to be visible. I've been using this for a few weeks now, and honestly, I don't know if my skin looks more radiant, but I have liked this moisturizer. It makes my skin feel great and hasn't caused any breakouts, so it's got that going for it. I don't love that alcohol is the second ingredient however. I don't see the need for alcohol to be in moisturizers and I'm sure most of you agree it's not what you want to see in your skincare.

Avon Elements Skin Revitalize2-in-1 Brightening Eye Roller* 12ml $19.99

'Instantly illuminates the look of the eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles and tired-looking eyes. Overnight, helps your eyes look and feel like you've had a full night of sleep. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic.' - Avon

This eye cream is housed in a long tube and applies via a vibrating, metal roller-ball. While I liked the metal roller-ball, as it did prove to be cooling and quite nice, I didn't find that the vibrating action did much. To turn the vibrations on, you twist the bottom of the tube, the thing is it feel like you're really just vibrating your hand as the majority of the vibes don't reach the roller-ball.

The product within the roller-ball is a milky-pink with a hint of pearlized-shimmer. It looks a fair bit like Origins GinZing Eye Cream (review) and looks much the same on skin. The only difference, is Avon's version is more of a treatement and not a moisturizer. I like the look of Avon's product, but as I don't get puffy eyes, it really doesn't do a whole lot for me other than illuminate a bit and feel nice when applied. I also don't find it's done much for my under-eye darkness, other than temporarily illuminating.

Overall, I personally would pass on the 2-in-1 Brightening Eye Roller if you don't suffer from puffiness, but I am quite happy with the night cream. The Skin Revitalize range also includes a SPF 20 day cream in the form of Instant Radiance Lotion. Do you seek out brightening products? Will you be trying these?

These items will be available as of August (I believe these are already available in the US.) Orders can be made through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, by calling 1-800-AVON or online at

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