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Sunday, July 21, 2013

mary kay lash love lengthening mascara

Oh yes, another mascara! Two kind of, if you want to get right down to it...

Today I sat myself down, made a list of posts and got a huge batch of photos taken. I felt a bit lacking in the blog department- anyone else feel guilty if they skip a few posts? I always do, so now I'm on a quest to catch up a bit. I feel like I'm always trying to catch up; to what, I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, up for review is the newest mascara in the Mary Kay lineup in the form of Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara.

'Get the lashes you’ve been longing for with NEW Mary Kay® Lash Love® Lengthening™ Mascara. It creates bold, instantly intensified length to the look of lashes. NEW Mary Kay® Lash Love® Lengthening™ Mascara also lifts, curls and perfectly separates lashes while conditioning and strengthening them in a non-clumping, flake-free formula that wears all day for over 10 hours.' -Mary Kay

When it comes to mascara I'm usually a 'more is more' type of gal, so I wasn't sure how well I'd get on with this, but for a naturally long look this does deliver. It's aptly named as it does lengthen lashes quite well and gives definition but it doesn't give a lot of volume. The formula is really nice in the fact that you can really load it on without it getting clumpy. The formula is wet but not so wet that it's troublesome to apply (ie. it stays on your lashes an not all over your face.) 

The brush is slim and plastic with small teeth, but they grab onto lashes easily. The small brush makes it super easy to get right down to the root of lashes and easily coats bottom lashes. I found that this wears well all day without flaking or transferring but didn't hold a curl as well as I would have liked.

 Bare lashes- lightly curled

The formula of both the brown and black version was identical but there was just something about the black that made my lashes look longer and looked more voluminous. I think it's because my lashes are quite dark to begin with that the brown just didn't work for me. If you have lighter hair/eyes I'm sure the brown would work, especially if you are going for a more natural look as the brown isn't a deep brown. It would be great for blondes who find black too harsh.

Overall this is a great mascara if you're going for length and something that will define but look natural. For everyday wear this is a great choice. Have you tried this? What mascara do you reach for most?

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