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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

mary kay translucent loose powder and mary kay powder brush

Powder is a personal thing. In my years (because that doesn't make me sound old...), I've learned that I prefer translucent powder to something with any coverage. I also prefer a loose powder to a pressed on, for at home application anyway. That combo just happens to be what Mary Kay brings to the table with their Translucent Loose Powder. Read on for the 411.

'Because it’s translucent, this powder is the perfect match for any skin tone – from very fair to dark. It sets foundation for a sheer, invisible finish and has light-scattering properties designed to help soften the appearance of imperfections. The powder feels weightless, natural and velvety soft on skin and is suitable for all skin types. The long-wearing formula keeps makeup looking fresh throughout the day, controlling unwanted shine. Wear it over your favorite Mary Kay® liquid or cream foundation as a finishing touch or by itself for a naturally beautiful look.' -Mary Kay

This powder is housed in your basic pot with sifter, but what I really like is that the sifter has a locking mechanism! No more opening a pot of powder to have the entire contents in the top of the sifter. It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but there are two little nubbins that slide to open/close the sifter. It should be a mandatory feature on all sifters.

The powder itself is super finely milled- this is seriously smooth and silky feeling- which means you only need the smallest amount to get your powder on. It has 'light-scattering properties' which give the powder an almost luminous quality when you look at it closely, but they don't translate as shimmery on skin. They stop the powder from looking powdery and create a really pretty soft look. I can't really describe it, because the powder does disappear on skin... they're just magical.

I don't tend to get all that oily/shiny but as it is warmer, I like to use something that will control oil if need be. As light as this is, I wasn't sure if it would control shine well, but it does. I've been using this quite a bit and it creates a natural finish- not too matte- that does control the slight oiliness I've had. 

'With natural bristles, get even, smooth application of loose and pressed powders to help “set” foundation. Use to apply bronzers and contour face.' -Mary Kay

What's powder without a nice, fluffy powder brush? Mary Kay's Powder Brush is pretty basic, but it gets the job done well. It's not huge, so you have a bit more control, which is nice if you only want to powder specific areas. Admittedly, it's not as soft as other brushes I've used, but it's far from scratchy. Overall, a worthy addition to any powder collection.

Overall, I am a complete fan of the powder! It's a really a quality powder at a really great price point. The fact that you need so little means it will last a good while as well. Are you a loose powder or pressed fan? Tried this? Thoughts?

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