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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

pacifica perfume roll-ons

I love buying a good perfume every now and then. Who doesn't though?

I've been doing a bit of storage organization and realized I have quite the little collection of Pacifica perfume roll-ons. They're just so easy to pick up- since I spotted them on I've collected them at an ever alarming rate. They all smell ah-mazing and are quite inexpensive. Want  run-down of my favourites? Read on!

Pacifica Perfume Roll-Ons - Indian Coconut Nectar, Island Vanilla, Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Tuscan Blood Orange and Mango Grapefruit
Pacifica Perfume Roll-Ons - Indian Coconut Nectar, Island Vanilla, Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Tuscan Blood Orange and Mango Grapefruit

Before these, I wasn't exactly a fan of roller-ball style scents. I didn't particularly have a reason; they just didn't seem worth while. I was so wrong. These are so great to throw in a makeup bag for travel or in your purse for everyday. The tubes are glass, but I can't see breakage being an issue with the normal jostling of a bag. The metal caps are tight fitting, so there is very little chance of a spill either.  These are even better if you want a few options, as these are quite inexpensive and easy to collect. In terms of the actual roller-ball, all but one of mine glides easily on the skin and allows an easy flow of perfume. One is a bit tighter and doesn't roll quite as smoothly, but it does still deliver product.

I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of quality, but Pacifica defiantly know what they're doing- all the scents I've used have had excellent silage and lack the alcohol content found in most spray on perfumes. These do contain some alcohol, but it's a lower content than the average perfume which allows the actual notes to be most prevalent.
Pacifica Perfume Roll On Indian Coconut Nectar

Indian Coconut Nectar is the scent that started the ball rolling (see what I did there? ball rolling, roller-ball....) I love coconut scents, so I had to have this. It's a blend of coconut and creamy vanilla with a warmth that is so natural smelling. Coconut is a scent that seems hard to get right, as so many times it comes across as smelling quite synthetic, but this is so perfect. This has a sweetness to it, but it's warm and not at all cloying.

Island Vanilla was my second scent, as I am a fan of anything vanilla. Island Vanilla isn't what I was expecting based on the name, as it's a blend of vanilla absolute, honey-jasmine, fruit notes and tea, which lacks the sweetness I was expecting. This scent is warm and feminine without being too young.

Hawaiian Ruby Guava was my first foray into Pacifica's fruity scents (of which there are quite a few to choose from.) This scent is sweeter than the others with berry-like guava, pomelo, and a hint of coconut in the base. Basically, it's a tropical fruit salad and I love it for warmer months.

Pacifica Perfume Roll On Tuscan Blood Orange

Tuscan Blood Orange is one my newest acqusitions, and it was still hiding out it it's box. I love the packaging of Pacifica items! The floral/fruit motif on the box matches up with the design on the roller ball. Tuscan Blood Orange is another fruity scent, but it's not as sweet as Hawaiian Ruby Guava with subtle raspberry and strawberry notes and a fresh burst of sweet orange. I don't tend to choose many citrus based scents, but this scent is so sunny and happy I can't help but love it.

Pacifica Perfume Roll On Brazilian Mango Grapefruit

Brazilian Mango Grapefruit is my newest fragrance friend and is quite different than I expected. It lacks the sweetness of the other scents, but is still quite fruity with peach and pineapple undertones and strong mango and grapefruit base. With all the fruit this still manages to have a sultry warmth to it that is very sexy. Another great scent for warmer months.

Overall, I can't say enough about these. Pacifica has a wide range of scents available, so there is definable something for everyone. I know I'll be growing my collection! Have you tried these? Are you a fan of roll-on scents?

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