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Friday, July 26, 2013

project vampy lip with avon colour rich lipstick and ultra luxury lip liner

A few weeks ago, during a heat induced insomnia, I found myself browsing the MAC site. You see, I had a hankering for deep, vampy lipsticks. I don't really know where it stemmed from, as it's only been the past few months that I've been wearing reds. Whatever the cause, I almost spent a small fortune on a handful of shades like Rebel, MAC Red, Diva and Dare You, but I paused, credit card in hand (something that rarely happens.) I'm feeling them now, but how often will I truly reach for these shades?

I decided to step back and try a more budget friendly brand. Good ol' dependable Avon. I know I love their lipstick formula- which is actually much better than some of MACs various formulas. Not only was I able to find a great selection of vampy hues, but they were on sale for a mere $3.99! Talk about perfect timing. Read on for swatches.


Just look at all that gorgeousness! You've likely read a blog or two in which I've gone on about Avon's lipstick formula but it really is amazing. Super pigmented, smooth and creamy, and wears well without being drying. Two of the shades I picked up are mattes and I was a bit nervous about how the formula would fare as I'd never tried it, but it wears just as comfortably as the satin shades.

These shades wore for about 4-5 hours before fading away. As these are deeper shades, they did stain a bit which I quite like. Once they faded a bit I added a bit of gloss/balm and rode the rest of their wear time out as a stain- you see, I'm not usually one to do a lot of touching up. As these are also bold, you can apply them lightly for just a touch of colour, or go full on vixen and apply them full force. I admit that I was a bit nervous about the darkest shade- Velvet Vixen, but once I wore it it was love.

Avon Colour Rich Lipstick- Crimson

Crimson is one of the two mattes I chose, and I have to say, as a semi-pro matte avoider I really love this finish. The finish is more of a soft matte, as there is still the slightest bit of shine. The shade is a medum-deep neutral red and really easy to wear as it's not an intensely deep shade.

 Avon Colour Rich Lipstick- Perfect Red

 Perfect Red is a deeper red, with a brown undertone and quite a lot of shine. It has a truly vampy quality as the shade is on the bloody side. With the amount of shine, I like to apply a layer of this, blot, then dab a little bit more on to add some of the shine back.

 Avon Colour Rich Lipstick- Oxford Wine

Oxford Wine is the type of shade I most associate with vampy. Plummy and deep. I love this shade! I tend to employ the same blot and dab routine with this shade as explained above. I love the amount of shine, but with deep shades I always worry they're going to slip around and end up everywhere but my lips. Blotting definitely helps.

Avon Colour Rich Lipstick- Velvet Vixen

Velvet Vixen is similar in tone to Oxfor Wine, but is a bit deeper and also that perfect matte formula that I am now a total fan of!

I'm not an avid lip liner user, but I figured it could be beneficial to have to pair with deeper shades. The two lip liner shades that I picked up work perfectly with the lipsticks. Wild Berry matches up with the red tones of Crimson and Perfect Red while Deep Plum works with the plums in Oxford Wine and Velvet Vixen. The pencils feel a bit firm when you first begin to apply them, but they warm up and apply easily. I didn't find them to be drying and they definitely made applying lipstick precisely much easier.

Overall, I'm super pleased with my new vampy lip wardrobe. Do you have a favourite vampy shade? Do share!  

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