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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

avon brushed metals nail enamel & nail experts colour shield top coat

Ready for a few new nail polishes? Of course you are!

Okay, so I may be blanking when it comes to some sort of intro for these Avon Brushed Metals, but they're pretty spectacular, so I'm hoping they make up for it. Ready? Read on!

 Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Platinum*, Lilac Quartz*, and Textured Topaz* 12ml $6.99

'Add a little lustre to your mani with pearly metallic shades. Six Lustrous shades with a brushed metal finish.' - Avon

I wasn't sure what to expect from these, but I am really loving them! They're super glitzy and apply with just two easy coats. These 'brushed metal' finish is similar to that of a semi-matte polish, with a slightly soft feel, but the fact that these are so sparkly, the matte finish isn't very obvious in two out of the three shades I've swatched.

 Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Platinum*

 Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Platinum* with top coat

Platinum is a pale icy blue. As mentioned above, the semi-matte finish isn't very obvious because of the shimmer, but a top coat does make a slight difference to the appearance- in this case making the shade a bit deeper and giving the shimmer even more pop.

 Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Lilac Quartz*

 Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Lilac Quartz* with top coat

Lilac Quartz is a pale, silvery, lilac.The lilac tones are quite light, and in some situations this reads mostly as silver. However, top coat does deepen the shade a bit and brings out more of the purple. Based on how this looks in the bottle, I didn't think it would be my first choice, but it's really quite stunning.

 Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Textured Topaz*

Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel-Textured Topaz* with top coat

Textured Topaz is a sort of golden taupe shade. This shade shows the semi-matte finish the most without top coat. Again, adding top coat deepens the shade and makes the shimmer really pop. Super shimmery and distracting- I can't stop looking at my nails!

Avon Nail Experts Colour Shield Top Coat* 12ml $6.99

'Protect your manicure and keep it looking fresh. Long -wearing shiny top coat instantly creates a protective barrier to help shield nails.' -Avon

In the swatches above, I used this top coat. It's pretty standard, in terms of top coats, but it does dry to a firm, shiny finish. It's not a fast drying formula, so I can't see it being something I'll reach for all the time, but there are always instances when a regular top coat is required (like over nail wraps, and instances where you just don't want to run the risk of shrinkage) so it's defiantly handy to have on hand... Huh, handy to have on hand.

Overall, I do suggest picking up a bottle (or two...) of the Brushed Metals. Their shimmery-ness can't be beat and because it's so fine it removes quite easily (bonus!) Do you like glittery/shimmery polishes? Planning on trying these?

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