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Friday, August 9, 2013

avon skin so soft aroma+therapy - calming hand cream and energizing body gel creme

Good day, blog fans! For some reason I have been super productive today- I cleaned out/ organized my spice cupboard, prepped a basket of peaches to be frozen (for winter smoothies), rolled my penny stash ($12 yo!), found some discussion topics for my book club (we're reading Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake again in preparation for the third book in the series) and started editing a batch of photos I took yesterday. I'm unstoppable I tell you!

Next on my to-do list: a little blogging! First up is Avon's newest Skin So Soft offering- Aroma + Therapy. Read on!

 Avon Skin So Soft Aroma + Therapy- Energizing Body Gel Creme* 200ml $9.99  Calming Hand Cream* 100ml $4.99

'A lightweight formula with Argan oil and the soothing scent of lavender and vanilla provides 24-hour moisture. Infused with Touchplex Scent Technology: you can reactivate the scent throughout the day just by rubbing your skin.' -Avon

Everyone needs a good hand cream in their life and this could just be the one for you if you love lavender. This has a soothing lavender scent ( I don't detect the vanilla, sadly) and rich, creamy formula. This is fairly thick, but it absorbs quickly without being greasy or sticky. I literally just put some on and am back to typing, so it's perfect for applying mid-day as it won't slow you down while you wait for it to absorb. It leaves skin feeling perfectly soft and moisturized.

'You'll love the invigorating scent of Orange & Peach Blossom to start your day off right. Ultra-lightweight formula with Argan oil glides on smoothly to boost skin’s moisture.' -Avon

Not a fan of heavy moisturizers in the warm months, but still want/ need a bit of hydration? Then this is for you. The gel cream formula is super light feeling on skin and only takes a moment to absorb and disappear. You literally can't detect that you've applied anything (besides skin feeling soft and hydrated) as it absorbs so well. The scent is what truly makes this a winner for me as it's quite peachy with a hint of citrus. It's fresh and clean without being too citrus based. 

The collection includes a variety of products in each scent and will be available in September. Will you be trying them? What's your go to hand cream? Do tell, I'm always on the look out for great hand creams.

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