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Thursday, August 22, 2013

lush rock your body kit

Sadly, it seems the days of Summer are numbered. Actually, I'm not that sad, as I kind of love autumn...

Anyway, Summer is winding down and before you know it will be time to start switching items in the ol' skincare routine to both counteract the changing temperatures and any damage all of those gorgeous sun filled days may have left on your skin. The Lush team are always on top of your skincare needs (you know it's true) and have put together a genius little kit to help your seasonal transition. The best part? It's customizable! Read on!

'The summer months can take a toll on our skin: we’re all guilty of overindulging in the sunshine, swimming in chlorinated pools…not to mention going barefoot whenever possible! That’s all part of the fun, but it can leave your skin feeling a little lackluster. We’ve created this rockin’ customizable kit to care for all your bits and get your body feeling fantastic.' -Lush

This kit has all your bases covered! I love that you not only get a little bit of everything, but that you also have the option of customizing some of the contents. All kits contain the Sugar Scrub and Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion but the rest is up to you. In store customers can choose from a selection of massage bars and dusting powders, while online customers can choose from a selection of soaps and dusting powders. I choose Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and Coconut Deodorant Powder.

'Coconut is probably the world's only deodorant with powdered coconut milk, both creamed and desiccated coconut and coconut oil to help it stay in place all day. It's scented with two of our favorite calming essential oils; fragrant vetivert grass and benzoin gum. We've blended it into a moisture-absorbing mixture of tapioca, cornstarch and natural mineral magnesium carbonate, our microfine powders. Use it and smell like a tropical cocktail.' - Lush

I was really interested in trying this, so I was excited to see it included in this kit. This is a super fine powder that you dust on and it deodorizes. My kit just arrived today, so I haven't gotten to use this yet, but it does smell pretty amazing- not a pure coconut scent, but still tropical and light enough that it won't interfere with other scents.

'Our number one, best-selling product of all time, Dream Cream contains every ingredient nature makes for soothing sore skin. One of our proudest product achievements ever, we love this body lotion because it makes people happy. It transforms suffering bodies into states of peace with our calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile to care for irritations, reduce redness, and banish blotches. Olive oil and cocoa butter are perfectly suited and incredibly effective for dry or chapped skin, and especially gentle for even the most sensitive types.' -Lush

After one use of this, I can see why it's a best-seller - it's light, yet quite hydrating, absorbs quickly and isn't too oily after applying (when used as hand cream). I'm really looking forward to slathering this on after a shower. The scent is light and slightly herbal- almost like an herbal tea. It's quite nice, as it's unoffensive and can work for either gender.

'Honey I Washed the Kids is one of our best-selling soaps because it’s simply irresistible. People who fully intended to walk past a LUSH shop find themselves unable to resist its sweet caramel fragrance. You’ll inhale, drool, pick up a big chunk and immediately want to wash yourself all over with it. It’s so gentle, buttery and scrumptious you’ll have a hard time keeping it to yourself. The honey water and aloe are so softening and moisturizing, you can use our toffee-scented sensation on the whole family.' -Lush

A Lush classic! I love a sweet scent, so I knew this was the soap for me, and it defiantly has a lick-able scent. I've yet to try a Lush soap I didn't like, and I'm sure this will be no different. The kit includes a sizable chunk of soap which will last quite some time if you keep it protected in your shower. One of these is a total soap saver, btw.

'Our solid Sugar Scrub is tough on cellulite and unwanted bumps, but kind on your skin. It’s no nonsense attitude doesn’t waste any time getting down to business; sweetly exfoliating with Fair Trade sugar and stimulating circulation with fennel and ginger. It’s not all rough stuff though; calming lavender has a balancing effect and encourages healthier skin. Get yourself wet in the bath or shower (but don’t let the bar get under the running water). Scrub, scrub, scrub and rinse away! You’ll be left with smoother, cleaner and radiant skin. Water you waiting for? Get scrubbing!' -Lush

A big, green ball of scrubby goodness! That's what you get with the Lush Sugar Scrub. I have never used this particular Lush scrub, but I'd bet it's as great as their other varieties (I quite liked Sugar Babe, but it's been discontinued.) I find that because these are so large you can get about four uses out of one if you cut it up. I love that these are abrasive enough to give a nice scrub (ie. not too wimpy) and leave skin feeling nicely hydrated as well.

Overall, this is a great kit! You'll want to act fast if you're interested in it though, as it's only available until August 30 in stores and online. Do you have a favourite Lush product? Do tell!

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