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Monday, August 26, 2013

notd: avon 'mosaic flowers' nail art design strips

Guess who is one organized blogger... Did you guess? It's this girl! I have a week of posts and my necessary editing/photography all planned. You know when you decide you should plan/organize and then you don't, and you put it off, but then you do it and you wonder why it took so long? That's what went down. I was so in love with my new May Designs notebook (this one) that I got to planning and am SO happy about it. Maybe too happy...

Anyway a fast post today in the form of a little NOTD. Make it NOTW (week) actually as I know these will last. Read on to see the Avon Nail Art Design Strips in Mosaic Flowers in action.

This is the second set of these that I've worn (full review here) and I've got to say, I really like these! They apply really easily- not bunching or wrinkling and the excess files off with zero fuss. I do find the thumb sizes are all off for me, so I have to trim them, but that's not too hard so no real complaint.

This design has a some texture as the silver parts of the mosaic pattern are raised. I wondered if these would be difficult to file, but I had not problems with them and in the end these do look pretty great! I topped them with top coat (Essie To Dry For) and sealed the free edge to prolong wear, which I also did with the first set that I wore. They lasted for six days(!) they still looked fine when I took them off save for some tip wear. I really love how well these last because as you probably know, everything chips on me. So, do check these out if you're a nail strip/wrap fan. What have you got on your nails?

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