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Sunday, September 1, 2013

hip hop bling disco ball bracelet

Growing up I didn't learn a whole lot about makeup from my mom. Sure, I had the basics, but it's clear that my love of it didn't come from her. What I did get was a love and appreciation of jewelry. My mom loves jewelry and I guess it rubbed off because I do too. If you ask me which ring is her wedding ring, I don't think I'd be able to tell you because my dad bought her a new ring every few years. He never had a problem buying jewlery as long as she picked it out. They made a pretty good pair in that regard.

Anyway, it's rare that I pass up the chance to try out a new accessory- especially if it's jewelry- so I had to take the opportunity to review one of Hip Hop Bling's Disco Ball Bracelets.

We've all seen this style of bracelet- the ones with the rhinestone encrusted balls ( I call them fireballs) on a woven type cord. I don't know how I never ended up with one until now... Anyhow, this one from Hip Hop Bling is pretty gorgeous. I didn't know what to expect but this definitely exceeded my expectations. The balls are quite weighty- in a way that says quality- and the stones are very nicely set and secure. I think we've all had items with rhinestones where they were haphazardly glued on and look like one wrong glance and you'll loose half of them. That is not an issue here.

The fireballs themselves are a really nice size- they're not so big that they look bulky, but not so small that they look too dainty. I like the fact that there is seven beads across the bracelet as well. You obviously want them to be the prominent part of the piece and these are. They wrap around the wrist, but stop at the perfect place ensuring they don't hinder activity. There is little worse than having an uncomfortable piece of jewelry.

The bracelet is sizable thanks to a sliding mechanism ( I figure that sounds better than 'doo-hickie' no?) The best part might just be that this bracelet will fit pretty much anyone as they've given you a a nice amount of extra string. I don't like anything too tight on my wrist, so I like to be able to have some customization size wise and this gives me more than enough wiggle room.

 blurred for optimal 'bling-y-ness'

backup stones- genius!

I am beyond pleased that this bracelet cam with some backup stones. As much as a little rhinestone action is appreciated, I always dread the inevitable- a lost stone (or two...) While this stones on the fireballs do look to be really well set, you just never know when one could disappear. It's nice to know you've got a few backups stashed away just in case.

Overall, this is a really great bracelet. It's casual enough to wear everyday and is weighty enough to sit nicely on the wrist. This would make a really thoughtful little gift- I know I'll be ordering a another for a gift and one for myself, as my mom has already made claims on this one. Hip Hop Bling carries this style in a variety of colour combos and even have a jumbo style with extra large fireballs. Do you like this style of bracelet? What's your go to jewelry of choice?

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