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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ag fast food leave on conditioner

It's that time again- October.

Sure, it comes around every year (as it should) but it also brings on an onslaught of pink themed products and packaging to raise money for breast cancer research. One of such products is the amazingly scented AG Fast Food Leave on Conditioner. Read on!

'Fast Food feeds, smoothes and calms frizzy thick or coarse hair instantly. Potent humectants and abyssinian oil do double duty to moisturize and mend split ends while adding weightless condition and shine to dry, lifeless hair. Made in house in Vancouver, Canada, AG ensures only the highest quality ingredients go into products.'

Firstly, this does smell pretty amazing- like cherry candy!- but it also works quite well. I wasn't sure what to expect from this as I don't usually use a leave in conditioner. After using this, I'm not sure why not. This is such a simple product to toss in hair after a shower- just run a bit through the ends- and you're good. This gives a pretty good moisture boost to hair without weighing it down or leaving any kind of film/oiliness. I think that's why I tend to steer clear of leave in conditioners- I expect them to be too heavy and leave my hair looking unclean. 'Unlcean!' they'll shout. No, they probably won't, but to put you've got no worries with this one.

I'd say that this will work on pretty much anybody with drier hair, as it really isn't a heavy product. While this is available year round, each purchase of the pink polka dotted version (available now!) also gives back to breast cancer research. Not too shabby- you get shiny, delicious scented hair and a few pennies- fifty to be exact!- go to the cause. Are you a fan of leave in conditioners? Have you tried this one?

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