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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

avon nail art design strips- halloween & holiday desgins!

Easy nail art is the best type, and it doesn't get much easier than popping on a nail wrap/strip/sticker (call them what you want.) None of the fuss but all of the glory. Avon's Nail Art Design Strips (review) (NOTD) are perfect as is, but they've gone and added some new designs to see you through Halloween and the holidays. Read on to check them out!

 Avon Halloween Nail Art Design Strips- All Webbed Out*, Orange You Scared*, and Crazy for Candy* 18 Strips $12

All Webbed Out have spiders -albeit, a bit too realistic for my liking- in their webs on a shimmering silver background. The webs are adorned with a white gem for added flair.

Orange You Scared have (again) all too realistic spiders on an orange base. The spiders have a slightly raised, silver area on their midsection. This design includes a second design for an accent finger which has one lone spider on a web. I get that spiders are Hollween-y but couldn't they be cuter spiders? Can you tell spiders kind of creep me out?

Crazy for Candy is the spider-less option, but it super cute with little candy corn print on a black base. The yellow part of the corn is shimmery for added cute. This is my favourite of the bunch and I may have already ordered an extra set or two...

 Avon Holiday Nail Art Design Strips- Holiday Cheer*, Winter Wonderland*, and Candy Cane* 18 strips $12

 Avon Holiday Nail Art Design Strips- Holiday Cheer*

Holiday Cheer is the most Christmas-y of the holiday designs with a stylized dot and star tree on a green background. The coloured dots and star are raised to give the design texture- all of the Nail Art Design Strips have some sort of 3d element. I would recommend putting these on backwards though (with the star closest to the cuticle) if you have shorter nails as the design is too long. You'd end up with an interesting pattern but it defiantly wouldn't look like a tree.

 Avon Holiday Nail Art Design Strips- Winter Wonderland*

Winter Wonderland is straight up stunning! When it comes to holiday themed things I tend to be a sucker for the blue and silver theme, and these seriously deliver. The dark blue base provides the perfect backdrop for the glistening silver snowflakes. The snowflakes are adorned with varying sizes of stones and silver glitter for the full snowy night look. These are gorgeous!

Avon Holiday Nail Art Design Strips- Candy Cane*

Candy Cane are a little bit different in that they have a tranparent base. The whole base has iridescent shimmer and is topped with wavy red stripes and stones. I would wear these over white polish for the most 'pop' but I am also tempted to try one over green... accent nail?

Overall, you can't go wrong with these designs! I love that it's so easy to have fully designed nails in just moments AND be seasonally cute all at the same time. When it get's closer to Halloween and Christmas I'll be sure to feature these in NOTD posts, so be sure to check back. The Halloween designs are avilable now, while the holiday designs will be out in November. Do you like themed nails? What are your favourite types of designs?

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