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Monday, October 7, 2013

lush let the good times roll facial cleanser

Happy Monday, Blog fans!

Did you miss me as much as I missed you? Maybe? I was rendered useless when my memory card broke, but, not only did it break, but the little piece that locks the card broke off in my camera. A rather long succession of... colourful words might have fallen out of my mouth at the time, but in the end everything worked out fine. Granted it did take longer to have fixed then I would have like, but isn't that usually the case? All that aside, I, like the product at hand are back! That product being Lush Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser. Read on!

'A luxuriously soft and sweetly-scented cleanser, Let The Good Times Roll is made with maize flour and corn meal to gently exfoliate, and a dash of cinnamon powder to cleanse and warm cold winter skin. Its rich, velvety texture leaves your skin perfectly balanced, glowing and smelling like sweet and salted caramel corn. No wonder this cleanser is so popular!' - Lush

So, this wondrous little cleanser was released with last years' holiday collection BUT was limited edition. I missed out on it last year, but based on how excellent it is- more on that in a moment- I can see why so many of you urged them to bring it back.

When you first open the little pot and get a little whiff of the scent... you'll be hooked! This has a sweet, caramel-corn like scent, but I also get an almost oat-like not too. Whatever it is, it's very pleasant. Getting past the fantabulous scent, the product itself is a putty like consistency. To use this, you can break off a pea sized amount (actually, you need a bit more than that, but whatever) and add some water to make a paste, but I just rub little bits of it on my dry face, then use my wet hands to massage it all over.

This is incredibly gentle, yet cleanses really well. The polenta acts as a gentle exfoliator- bonus! I love how soft and clean my face feels after using this. It's one of those cleansers that just leaves your skin feeling so amazing that you just want to touch it. This even removes makeup. I've only used it on light makeup (BB cream, powder, and blush) but it cuts through makeup with ease.

Overall, I love this cleanser! I know I'll be ordering the large tub once this runs low- it's just so great! Have you tried this cleanser? Thoughts?

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