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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

mixed chicks leave-in conditioner

Hair, hair, wondrous, hair...

When it behaves, it's a marvelous thing but when it goes wrong it can bring down your whole damn day. Right? You know. I find my hair is the most troublesome the day it's washed- my ends never seem like they can get enough moisture. Hence why I took the opportunity to try out Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner. Could it give me the perfect, first day hair of my dreams? Read on and find out!

I was initially a bit hesitant that this would be too rich/heavy for my hair as it's not coarse or incredibly curly. For reference my hair has a fair amount of natural curl, but because it's long, ends up as waves. I My hair is on the thicker side, but my hair texture is fine which is most apparent if I have my hair up as I get fluffy/curly baby hair fly-aways. As mentioned, the ends of my hair are usually in some state of dry with the dryness being most apparent on the days I wash my hair.  I call it 'the first day fluffies' as it tends to settle a bit by the second day. None the less, it's annoying.

All that said, Mixed Chicks do say that this can be used by anyone, so I tried it. I started with just a bit on my first use- applied on damp hair- and it wasn't enough. The second time I used it I used more and was pretty pleased at how it transformed my dry ends, but it seemed like I could do with a bit more moisture. I told you my ends were thirsty. Since I hadn't found this to be too heavy on my hair, I decided to go crazy and add a bit to the ends of my dry hair- up until then I was only using it on damp hair- and found my hair was finally happy!

This left my hair feeling and looking so much smoother and conditioned. When I first used it on damp hair, it did leave it a little bit stiff/crunchy- similar to how musse/gel can set- but it brushed away easily. I didn't find this to be too heavy on my hair or make it oily, but I only used it through the lower half of my hair. The product doesn't really have much of a smell- a hint of a light almost moisturizer type scent- that doesn't really stick around.

Have you ever fallen in love with a hair tie? I can't say that I have, until now! Once I got over being afraid of these- I seriously had images of getting these completely tangled in my hair, I can just glance and my hair and it's tangled- but these are so perfect! They're made out of a firm, but pliable plastic and are incredibly stretchy. I have this thing were if my pony tale doesn't feel tight, it isn't right, so I am kind of the queen of broken elastics, but these are so stretchy, you can really get them around a thick ponytail tightly. These remove easily without getting stick. I have had to cut an elastic out of my hair so many times... ugh, but these glide right out. Basically, if you have hair long enough to go in a pony tale, you need these.

The Mixed Chicks Paddle Brush was a very welcome surprise as well. I always struggle to find the right brush and have had mixed results with paddle brushes in the past. As mentioned, my hair tangles really easily, and the right or wrong brush can really make a world of difference. I found that this brush not only was comfortable in hand, it made getting through tangles both easier and less painful. If you've got wavy, curly or tangle prone hair, then this is brush is a must try- especially at $8.99- I would pay so much more for it!

Overall, I am a new Mixed Chicks fan! I may not be all that mixed- does a quarter West Indian count?- but the Leave-in Conditioner is a new favourite which I vow to never be without. The Spring Bands, they're just that great, and I don't think I need to declare my love of their Paddle Brush again. I haven't been this smitten by hair products in quite a while! Do you deal with any hair issues? Have you tried any products from Mixed Chicks?

P.S I almost forgot to mention, Mixed Chicks is donating $1 from each purchase of the limited edition pink capped Leave-in Conditioner to breast cancer research this month. You've still got a couple days to snag one!

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