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Thursday, November 7, 2013

avon ultra colour lipstick- toasted rose and very violet

New lipstick! Woo!

No beauty lover can resist a new lipstick every now and then. It's true. The science has been proven; There have been studies.

Avon recently released their Ultra Colour Lipstick and you know I had to try at least a shade or two because, well... why not? Plus, Avon has always had a pretty amazing lipstick formula, so the new one should be double amazing, right?

 The old Avon Colour Rich Lipstick (Crimson) vs. The new Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick (Very Violet)

'Don't just color your lips - nourish them! This sensational formula delivers vivid, stay-true color for hours of glorious wear. Infused with shea butter, omega oil, arctic berry and vitamin E, it conditions and moisturizes your lips, magnifying your smile to a new resonance. What's more, the smart, clear-view window packaging lets you see your shade instantly - it's the cherry on the cake!'

The new Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick (AUC) replaces the Avon Ultra Colour Rich (AUCR) Lipstick we know and love. I'm not quite sure why they've ditched the 'Rich' in the name though... While I love the original AUCR, and I'm just as fond of the new formula, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the two. Other than the price. Both formulations have a creamy, smooth application, great pigmentation and hydrating feel. The new AUC is housed in a straight tube that includes a viewing window, making it easier to find the shade you're after, but at $10 these are a fair bit pricier than their predecessors. Granted, $10 for a fab lipstick is still great, but the old pricing was even better. The upside to the pricing difference is that Avon does do sales quite frequently. Although these are still fairly new, I was able to get mine on sale for $7.99

The shade range is quite impressive too, with a whopping 55 shades covering every colour family and a variety of finishes. Of course, I ended up with shades out of my favourite groups- natural, nudey-pinks and a purple. Purple fans should be incredibly happy as well, as the range includes ten (yes, ten!) purples ranging from lavenders, berries, and deep vampy shades.

Toasted Rose is a rosey-nude shade that falls into 'my lips but better' territory. Bold shades can be fun, but I live for neutral pink shades like this. Toasted Rose is easy to throw on and wears well with any makeup look as it's that little bit more natural then a typical beige-nude. The bit of shine in the formula also makes this look that much more natural and pretty on.

Very Violet is a pink based lavender. In the bullet you can see some blue-violet shimmer, but it's only barely visible, so this does wear as a cream. The pink undertone makes this shade incredibly wearable- this would be perfect for anyone wanting to dip their toe in the purple lipstick realm- and more universally flattering.

Overall, I'm a fan! Avon know lipstick. Have you tried these? What shades you tend to go for when buying lipstick?

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