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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

rimmel apocalips (aka show off) lip lacquer

When Rimmel's Apocalips started appearing on British blogs I was quite excited for their release here. I stalked the drugstore for months only to end up empty handed. It's a feeling I've come accustom to actually, as my small-ish town drugstore is perpetually behind every other Canadian drugstore.

Eventually I forgot about them, but then there were murmurs they were on their way, with a new name perhaps? Maybe? What?! Excitement ensued! The long and short of it is, they're here! In Canada, known as Apocalips and in the States Show Off. Regardless, wherever you reside, they're available now!

 Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer- doe foot applicator with 'inbuilt micro-reservoir'

'The intense colour of a lipstick with a smooth lacquer like shine? Impossible, right? Wrong! New APOCALIPS Lip Lacquer combines the best of both worlds with its ground-breaking formula – a luscious liquid packed with pure colour pigments for rich colour, phenomenal shine and supreme comfort that last all day. The lip lacquer formula gives your lips colour so strong and bold making your pout so intense it’s bound to make a bang! Forget the dryness of many long-wear lipsticks, forget the stickiness of gloss.'

I don't know if there is any difference between the original British formula and the North American formula, but these aren't quite what I was expecting based on the countless reviews online. I was expecting a liquid lipstick  that applied with the shine of a gloss that eventually wore to a matte finish, but these are most like a lip gloss/ lipstick hybrid. They have the shine of a lip gloss and the pigmentation and opacity of a lipstick.

They don't have the stickiness of a gloss, which is great, but because they don't mattify, they don't last as long as I expected. It differs based on shade, but these wear longer than your basic gloss, but not as long as a lipstick- about 3-4 hours with the boldest shade (Big Bang) lasting longer on lips in the form of a stain. They have a... different scent. I can't quit pinpoint it, but it's slightly melon-y to me. I'm not a fan of it, but the upside is that it doesn't liner long.

Phenomenon is a pale, whitened peachy-nude. It's not going to be a colour that works on a lot of skin tones (hello, concealer lips!) I'd say it will work best on those who are fair-light. While still creamy, it's not as pigmented as the other shades, which is a benefit, as this shade would be intense otherwise. This shade does settle a little in lip lines, although it's not very noticeable in person compared to what you see above.

Out of this World is a raspberry pink shade with a shimmery frost. The frost isn't so intense that it reads as outdated, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Pigmentation is perfect as it's a medium opacity- easy to apply and wear.

Big Bang is a classic blue-toned, red shade. The shade is undoubtedly gorgeous and will work on most skin tones. Worn full on out of the tube, you get intense pigmentation and a good dose of shine, but I prefer to blot this a bit to make it easier to wear. Because of the shine and creaminess of the formula, the product can shift. Wearing it blotted prevents the chance of having it smeared all over your face and teeth, which seemed to be where this wanted to go whenever I wore it as is.

Overall, I like these, but I don't love them. They're not exactly what I was expecting, but as a lip gloss/ liquid lip stick hybrid they do fill a void in drugstore lip colour. Have you tried them? Which shades do you like?

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