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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

taya amazon white clay thickening hair products

For someone who never used to use many hair products- seriously, I only used to use one, two products max up until a few months ago- I've had a lot of new products come into my life. When the opportunity to try Taya's range of Amazon White Clay Thickening products I, of course, accepted since you can never have too much volume. Based on what I understood from my correspondence with the brand, I expected a little try me set to get to know their products. Given that, I was pretty shocked to find a deliver guy at my door with a giant box marked Taya. I was sent A LOT of products.... I think my days of two products are long gone!

 Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening Shampoo* 300ml $20 | Taya Amazon White Clay Conditioner* 300ml $22

First up, the necessities- Shampoo and Conditioner.

Like all of the products in Taya's Amazon White Clay Thickening range, the shampoo and conditioner are formulated with Amazon white clay, croton lechleri resin and raw avocado oil along with being free of sulfates, parabens, animal products, and animal testing. An impressive roster from the get-go.

I honestly didn't find a huge difference in the Amazon White Clay Thickening Shampoo compared to others. I don't find shampoos to ever really provide much other than clean hair which this did. I do find that I needed a lot of it for my long hair though, so this bottle won't last every long in comparison to the rest of the products.

The Amazon White Clay Thickening Conditioner, on the other hand, did leave my hair feeling nicely hydrated without being weighed down. Both products have a very light fresh scent and rinsed from hair easily. My only true complaint is that the labeling on both bottles is so similar it's incredibly difficult to tell which is which in the shower without your glasses. 

Moving on to the stylers:

The Amazon White Clay Thickening Styling Creme is a creamy product that adds volume by creating texture and styles hair by smoothing hair for a glossy shine. I found this to be one of my favourite products of the bunch. After trying all the various products in various combinations (both air dried and blow dried) I found this product gave my hair enough texture throughout the ends- as opposed to just the roots- to really add lift and overall volume to my hair as a whole. I especially love that this works just was well when used on hair left to air dry as it does when blow dried. I am not an avid blow drier, so finding volumizing products that work without blow drying is amazing.

Taya has two hair sprays, the first being the Amazon White Clay Thickening Hair Spray housed in a plastic bottle with a mister. Since the range also has an aerosol spray (we'll get to that in a moment) I use this spray on wet hair. I normally use a spray gel to set my part/bangs, so I switched in this spray as it's light and doesn't weigh down other products I've used to boost volume at the root, but provides great hold. I spray a bit onto my hand and then pat it on in the areas I want the extra hold. It brushes out nicely, but the hold stays without being crunchy or hard.

Okay, I'll be honest, with so many products, I wasn't exactly sure how to fit in the Amazon White Clay Thickening Leave-In Mist, but I did and I am kind of obsessed with it. Since it can be used to add body and fullness on both wet and dry hair, I've taken to using this throughout the day to perk up my hair. If I can I brush it out a bit, but and upside down flip and finger brush works too, then flip my head down again to spritz this through the root and ends. It boosts the volume back up making hair look freshly styled. Love it!

The Amazon White Clay & Acacia Collagen Hair Plumper is quite an interesting product. I was expecting this to be like a mousse in consistency, but it's definitely it's own product. The nozzle blasts- it seriously has power- a bubbly product that looks like wet bubble foam directly to the roots. I only use this product when I'm going to blow dry my hair, as you really get the most out of it with a tried and true upside down blow out. This makes my hair look amazing! Having long hair the volume at the root gets dragged down, but a few shots of this really thickens hair.

The second Amazon White Clay Thickening Hair Spray is housed in an aerosol can, making it perfect for finishing styled hair. It's lightweight but gives a pretty strong hold and lasts throughout the day. Once dry it also lacks any strong hair spray scent, but is does have a light, fresh scent.

Last but not least, the Amazon White Clay Thickening Whipped Clay. This product is essentially a mousse but creamier. I use this through my roots when I won't be blow drying my hair as it works just as well when left to air dry. While this is creamier than typical mousse formulations, it feels light in hair and provides ample volume at the root and gives hair some texture so it holds style and volume better. Unlike other mousses I've used, it's not as wet and stays foamy longer, meaning you have time to disperse it into your hair before it deflates!

Overall, Taya's Amazon White Clay Thickening range contains some great products. I wouldn't say that you need to use them all, since they all work to give hair added texture and volume, so it's a matter of what type of product you prefer and how you style your hair. Of course, I might just be able to hook one of you up with the whole range... Stay tuned for a giveaway! Are you a fan of volumizing products? Have you tried anything by Taya?

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