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Monday, December 2, 2013

essie full steam ahead

Happy December, everyone!

While it's technically still Fall, the ever-growing heaps of snow say otherwise. When it comes to winter nail polish, I like to switch up my deep shades with cool wintery shades like pale, icy blues and lilacs. Who says a pastel is only meant for Spring? 

'Take the helm and embark on a fantastic voyage. this medium toned lilac nail polish with a pearlescent punch steers you in style.'

I spotted Full Steam Ahead on clearance- they had some of the Naughty Nautical Collection (from Summer 2013)- last week and decided it was worthy of the trip home with me. I'll admit that I find Essie releases way too many light(er) purples like this. They're gorgeous, yes, but after a while they all start to blend together to me. You know? What made this one different is the fact that it's got the lightest dusting of delicate silvery shimmer. The shimmer is so light that it doesn't add much to the overall look- from a distance it's just barely visible- but is pretty nonetheless, and could even be interpreted as the glitter sheen frosty snow has in the sun. The formula is a little thin, but still creamy enough to cover nicely in just two coats.

Overall, a cute colour and finish that for me is perfectly wintery. Do you like this shade? What shades do you opt for in winter?

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