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Monday, December 30, 2013

make up for ever holiday 2013 glitter

Glitter! It's something that I don't really have much of an opportunity to wear, nor is it something I often think of using, but there is just something about the holidays- especially New Year's- that just aren't the same without a little bit of sparkle. Make Up For Ever totally understands this, as they've introduced a new shade of glitter as part of their Holiday 2013 Collection Midnight Glow. It's shiny, sparkly and super fun! Read on to see how I incorporated it into an easy yet glitzy eye that is perfect for New Year's Eve.

As mentioned, I'm not a huge glitter aficionado. Sure, I like it, who can resit the allure of the a shimmering pot if the stuff. It's just not something that works for everyday. Unless, well I'm sure some occupations are more glitter friendly than others... Let's just leave it a that shall we? That said, I was pretty excited about this glitter because the shade Midnight Glow seems more wearable because it's deeper and not so over the top as a lighter shade would be.

The shade is a deep charcoal shade, that unlike some black glitters, which can be flat, shimmers and reflects light really well. Midnight Glow is limited edition as part of the Midnight Glow Holiday Collection, but the permanent line included fourteen shades. The glitter has a very fine texture and wears really comfortably. I was expecting to feel it more, that in combination with the glue it would end up feeling heavy, but it's not noticeable and with glue, stays put quite well.  Of course, you do inevitably get some fall out during application, so it is best to apply it before your base makeup/ concealer.

I figured I'd keep things pretty classic by sticking with silver and black. It's a classic for a reason after all- it goes with everything! I started with a base of UD Primer Potion, which isn't completely necessary, as MUFE Aqua Creams last amazingly well on their own, but since you're going to want this to last all night, and into the wee hours, a primer will up your last-ability.

Over the primer, is the aforementioned MUFE Aqua Cream in 03 Silver which is an incredible metallic. It seriously looks like molten metal and has amazing pigmentation. I used a bit of Verve from UD Naked 2 in the inner corner, lower lash line and to blend out edges. Next up, liner. Lots of it and the blacker the better. I applied NARS Larger than Life liner on my upper and lower lash line and my waterline and tightline. Basically, if it can be lined, I lined it. I then used Blackout from UD Naked 2 on a smudge brush and blended out the liner for a smokier kind of undone look. Keeping with Blackout, I used it in my crease and extended my outer v.

 Now, we're getting to the fun stuff - glitter! I applied BA Star Glitter Glue along my upper lash line extending it out in a sort of winged shape. I then used a flat shadow brush to pat the MUFE Glitter in N15 Midnight Glow over the glue. I applied a bit more glitter around the outer corner of my eye for a touch more sparkle, because really- can you have too much glitter on NYE? I think not. Of course, the look wouldn't be finished without falsies. I didn't have a dramatic style on hand so I went my favourite criss cross lashes applied with Revlon Adhesive. I finished everything off with a bit of MUFE Smoky Extravagant on my lashes- upper and lower- to tie everything together.

And there you have it. For the rest of your face, I'd keep it rather simple- a little nude blush and maybe a pale pink gloss. Perfect for ringing in 2014! Do you have any plans for New Years Eve? Will there be glitter involved?

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