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Monday, December 16, 2013

notd: holiday cheer

 Only nine days until Christmas! Are you ready?

My family isn't really doing gifts, so I can say yes, I am pretty much ready. I have a bunch of cards to mail tomorrow ( I know, totally last minute) and have to pick up a few small gifts- boxes of chocolates for neighbours and those 'just in case' last minute gifts, but other than that, I'm pretty much set. It's quite nice not having to rush around, but I love shopping so I do miss it just a bit. Since I haven't shopping, I did spend a few minutes dressing my nails with some festive flair. Read on for a look!

China Glaze Holly Day (Holiday 2011) and China Glaze Party Hearty* (Holiday 2010)

One of my newer holiday traditions is to dig way back in polish drawer for China Glaze Party Hearty. Give it a few drops of Seche Restore, stir with a orange wood stick and use it at least once. You see, it's a Christmas only type shade as it's packed with silver and gold glitter and larger red and green hexes and circles. Elf barf in a bottle one could say. Since it's not all that practical for any other time of year, I decided to use it with China Glaze Holly Day for a little bit of a glitter gradient. Party Hearty is a little to chunky to be a full gradient, but it does look pretty nice layered at the top of my nail. This could be done with any holiday glitter and also looks great on a white base or on red.

Have you done any holiday nail art? What shades do you love for the holidays!

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