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Monday, January 20, 2014

revlon highlighting palette- rose glow

Were you feeling down today, a little dull, a bit blue? It might be because today happens to be the bluest day of the year. Apparently there is a whole science to back it up (who knew?) But it's not all bad news, as the happiest day exists too- in mid June. I was feeling just fine today, but in case you're in need of a little pick me up, Revlon's new Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow should put a little pep in your, complexion. Read on!

Revlon Highlighting Palette for an all over sun kissed glow. Complimentary shimmer shades blend to enhance the complexion for a radiant sun kissed look.
  • Enhances and illuminates the complexion
  • Gives a multi-dimensional sculpted look
  • Easy to blend, buildable color

I was having a quick browse in Shoppers when I spotted these in their little display. Oddly, the display only had two out of the three available shades- bronze glow and rose glow- with Peach Glow nowhere to be seen. I probably would have gone with Peach Glow but Rose Glow isn't without it's charms, so it came home with me. I should add, these are $14.99 at Shoppers (why?)

You can't deny that these look quite similar to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, which are gorgeous, but I always find they look almost too shimmery. I was afraid this would read as too shimmery as well, but as the shimmer differs in each stripe, it blends out to a nice sheen.

Rose Glow combines various shades of pink and neutral fleshy tones to apply as a nude-pink. The colour is sheer and takes some building if you want the actual colour to read as colour. The shimmer is fine, but not completely refined, so it is visible on skin as shimmer, which I didn't know if I'd love, but it doesn't emphasize pores and doesn't appear over the top. I like to apply this on the high points of my cheeks over a similarly toned blush and it adds a nice glow.

Overall, this is a great highlighter. It definitely fills a void at the drugstore as highlighters seem to be far and few between. Have you tried these? What's your favourite highlighter?

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