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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

sally hansen nail rehab

You probably don't need to be told, but I LOVE nail polish! You likely do to- I can tell. But, of course, there had to be a but nail polish and everything that goes along with it can do a number on your nails. You know what I'm talking about. Because I do wear nail polish pretty much all the time, I like to give my nails a break every and then. The problem is, bare nails are more susceptible to damage and the ever feared break *shock* *horror*. That's when a product like Sally Hansen Nail Rehab comes into play.

'An innovative nail treatment that helps strengthen weak, ravaged nails. Strengthening, sheer pink formula, with Jasmine & Rose extracts, instantly fills in ridges & conceals damage.'

The new Sally Hansen Nail Rehab works double duty as it not only protects nails from future damage- it dries with a firm protective finish- it also treats them. Formulated with jasmine and rose extracts it works to strengthen even the weakest nails. I haven't been using it long enough to back up those claims, but I do love that this gives my nails a protective barrier while treating them. It also works as a great base coat as it smooths nails and does conceal any imperfections like the thin spot where you might have peeled off nail polish and a layer of nail came off with it. Not that that has ever happened to me personally or anything...

The formula is thick- thicker than any treatment I've used in the past- and to be honest, I expected it to streak upon application, but it does apply smoothly. I was a bit surprised when I saw the brush as it's a cute little, stubby brush, but it works perfectly with the thick formula. For a thicker formula this does self-level so there is no need to worry if you're application is a bit uneven.

My normal 'nails' day off' routine usually consists of removing all my polish the night before and leaving my nails bare naked over night so they can truly breath and give them time to absorb more of the cuticle oil and hand cream I also slather on. The next morning (or afternoon, more than likely afternoon) I'll give my hands a scrub- with this guy- and then use a treatment on my nails. After my treatment is dry I usually opt for Zoya Jane or Essie Sugar Daddy for just a bit of milky colour. They're my no nail polish nail polishes (think no makeup makeup.)

Nail Rehab dries to a similar milky, peachy-pink giving nails a healthy glow. I love that it allows me to skip a step in my normal routine, and since the formula is thicker and dries with a sturdy, protective finish, I find that it lasts longer on my nails and makes them less prone to damage.

Overall, I love this treatment! As I mentioned, I haven't been using it long enough to know how well it will actually treat my nails, but in terms of a protective no-nail-polish-nail-polish it works amazingly well. Do you have a favourite nail treatment or no nail polish nail polish?

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