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Monday, February 17, 2014

Nicole By OPI #NicoleChallenge

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Happy Monday, blog fans! 

Today is a particularly interesting Monday for me as I'm participating in a Nicole by OPI #NicoleChallenge. The theme for this challenge was Carrie Underwood. Participants were asked to create a manicure based on a Carrie Underwood song using polishes from the Nicole by Carrie Underwood Collection.

It was definitely a challenge for me as I'm not the strongest in the nail art department and I don't really know many Carrie Underwood songs. Of the few I do know, one worked particularly well with the shades in the collection - See You Again. If you're unfamiliar, it's a song about losing a loved one, but finding comfort in the fact that you'll see them again, presumably in heaven. Now, I don't know what the afterlife will consist of, or even if it does exist, but having lost someone, the song definitely brings a tear to my eyes and it worked nicely as my theme.

Back to the challenge though... And this is where your part comes in. The winner of the challenge will be determined via Twitter by your votes. To vote, you simply tweet about my mani or retweet my photo (my tweet can be found here) including my hashtag #Bailey4Nicole. You can tweet once and retweet once a day- for a total of two votes a day until Tuesday, Feb. 25th when the challenge ends.

What do you think of my manicure? I'd love you forever if you voted for it!

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