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Monday, February 3, 2014

Picture Polish Freya's Cats

Happy Monday, blog fans! I'm excited to say I did a bit of blog refreshing over the weekend. It was originally just supposed to be a font change- I had long lost my love of Grand Hotel- but as anyone with a blog can tell you editing can be a messy can of worms. When they tell you you should save your template first, do it. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the changes. The next change sees us saying goodbye to rounded corners. I've lost my love of them too. The last set of photos I have edited happen to be for a pretty amazing polish in the form of Picture Polish Freya's Cats. Read on to see it in it's full holo glory!

'Freya's Cats was created with Sasha aka Nihrida (
Inspiration:  Nihrida's love of Blue and a goddess! An electric blue jelly holo (scattered) that has NO glitter.  Freya's Cats contains a holographic shimmer that ehances this vibrant shade - she just shines!' 

When I first saw Freya's Cats swatched I knew I had to have it. A vivid yet deep cobalt blue with holographic shimmer? Who could resist? The base of the polish is jelly, so it does need a few coats to reach fully opaque. I used three for perfect coverage- visible nail line not visible in person. The holographic shimmer ranges in size and really shines in the base. For a scattered holot, the effect is pretty amazing when the light hits it- it's sooo sparkly! I found the formula to be great as it flowed onto the nail easily, self leveled and was neither too thin or thick. Unfortunately this chipped incredibly easy on me so I only got a few days wear. 

Overall though this is a gorgeous shade! As this was my first Picture Polish purchase, I will say I was shocked at how teeny-tiny the bottle is. I hadn't noticed it was a mere 11ml, which makes this one pricey polish. What do you think of this shade? Do you have a favourite Picture Polish shade?

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